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Lime and Basil Thai Garden Restaurant Tagaytay. The number of garden restaurants in Tagaytay has been steadily increasing since the birth of Antonio’s Tagaytay. Lime and Basil is a great addition by Sigrid Sarmiento. Lime and Basil stands out as an authentic fine dining Thai Restaurant serving delicious classics such as Tom Yum Kung Prawn Soup, Pomelo Salad, Pandan Chicken, Green Chicken Curry, Crispy Tilapia in Tamarind Sauce, Pad Thai, Bagoong Rice, Crispy Pata Curry, Sticky Rice with Mango.

The cool climate and rich soil in Tagaytay makes it ideal for growing herbs and vegetables. Thai Cuisine will not be complete without Basil, Coriander, Kaffir, lemongrass. Lime and Basil grow their fresh herbs in their Songkram garden.

Lime and Basils
9014 J. Rizal St., Brgy Sicat
Alfonso, Cavite, Tagaytay Philippines
Tel: +63 915 627 6393

Operational Hours: Thursday – Sunday
Lunch : 10am to 4pm
Dinner: 5pm to 11pm
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Michael Walker says:

Do you all have Spicy red curry? My favorite! Red curry paste, fish sauce, brown sugar, coconut milk, salt, thai basil, bamboo shoot, red and green bell pepper, thai eggplant, tender beef and i love it w spicy crazy tuna roll sushi. Raw salmon and tuna w cucumber and carrot topped with crunchy tuna mix ( keypie mayo, siracha, and sesame oil, crunchy tempura, and diced super fine raw tuna), more spicy mayo, and green scallion!

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