MUST SEE Weekend Night Market | Phuket, Thailand Travel Vlog

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We are back with a new night market video for you. We took the night off from teaching to capture this market for you because it only happens on the weekend. It is HUGE! Tons of food and handicraft options. It’s really fantastic! If you are ever in the Phuket area, make sure you put this market on your must see list. We hope you enjoy this Thailand travel vlog.

The next one? A new country!


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Chubby And Away says:

This was one of our favorite night markets EVER!!

Meaw Meaw says:

That's shrimp skewers. I think it's made from fish meat (version of fish ball ) in a shrimp shape 😅😅😅😅

John Reed says:

Good job – one of your best market videos

JT and Pin says:

That’s a big night market. Can you provide the link to this market. 🙏. $3 meals for two can’t beat that.

Khawaja Ramzee says:

So for my next trip to Phuket, this night market would be a must visit.

sinista says:

just stumbled upon your channel love what i see so far. thankyou for sharing this with us and i look forward to watching more of you guys. take care guys and safe travels

מוטי כהן says:

you are great.
Thanks for all the information that helped me a lot

ராம் ராம் D says:

Super super good welcome

Ay Lily says:

Those thai desserts are called Luk Chup, they are made from mung beans, molded into fruits and veggies then dipped in coloured agar or gelatin :D

minette stoffberg says:

something for the bucketlist. love visiting markets. and yes amanda that chipguy is everywhere we have them in south africa at every market, festivals and fairs aswell and he is always busy. thanks for another great vlog again. where you guys off to next?

scott a says:

Amanda your facial expressions are so priceless…when you're doing taste testing or otherwise :) LOL sorry for that fake shrimp :( Some of those things I'd try, some I'd have to politely decline :)
Haha that sounded like the Backstreet Boys @12:12 ?
"Must see"..that describes your videos !!!

Deana says:

I think those candies are soy bean based.

Aspyn & Billie says:

I still havent found any night markets lol well… I havent been able to make it to the only one I found hah And I cant wait for that durian video! It’ll be … interesting haha! Ohh yum watching this just made me super hungry… that food looked desliiish!! okay Im off for a bite to eat lol! Nice video 👌🏼

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