Night walk along the beach road, #Pattaya, December 2017, Vlog 196

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In this video you will see night walk along the #Pattaya Beach Road,
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vf traveler says:

Great subject matter but poor quality video. I couldn't watch it all.

Mario Leijon-Backe says:

This the last time I have … 1. YOU WILL LOVE IT SO LIKE TO KNOW THAT THAT IT IS A MOVIE … 2. YOU WANT TO LOOK AT THE CAMERA / MOBILE? . SHOULD BE RENT AND DO NOT MAKE FINGERS OF PRESS … So I just want to say that this is the worst I have seen …

Humboldt Parks Son says:

It’s almost like I can pick my future wife 😍 their all so beautiful

EvilSecondTwin says:

12:22  I'll take those three together and their moms!

TheMamspoker mamp says:

Judging from the recordings on different channels of night walks along Beach Road in 2017, the quality of SWs has fallen way down from prior years. And I didn't spot a single ladyboy in this recording (could be wrong).

Paul Burr says:

My God get a better camera

andrew ealam says:

Seems to be a lot of Ugly Negro Beasts Touting on Beach road these days, Must be Desperate to Pay for Them

Syed Mahmud says:

Before to take video , Please buy good Camera

Brummie Brink says:

Great video, good work. Much choice on Beach Road with girls. Had great times with Beach Road girls. the price is much better then gogo bars girls.

Mich Ches says:

Lots of very pretty girls in this one nice .


09:05 minutes..she says take video for what? fak u!! ho oooii!!! 55555

Yukio Neo says:

Bad camera quality

The Toronto Skyscraper Blog says:

Lol…."take video fo wha?" If she only knew.

Rockstar 007 says:

while u walk we cant seethe girls face, its all blur, which cam u use by the way ??

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