NO FARANG ALLOWED. Thai only beach + Dodgy Thai BBQ Dinner

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Day trip to visit the “Thai only” beach named Nam Sai Beach, then finish the night of with a Thai BBQ. Give me the good old Aussie BBq any day of the week.

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Joseph Gonzales says:

great channel

Bro Brah says:

you gave up on the videos i see.

Machines and Things says:

So good, I did all that too! What a great country.

Tom Patraeus says:

Rip Dead Farang

djrizla420 says:

Still waiting for that next video.

Jay Jay says:

I think sitting on a Thai/SE Asian beach is therapeutic. The world's problems can get fucked and that if you are aware of the latest issues. DF i'm jealous of your life, dunno how you manage it but props to you.

ElvislaD says:

10.13 Dude you need to do more piss taking commentary :~}

J W says:

Is Archie luxury still alive

Aida 14 says:

Where are you DF?? The Thai vlogging world has gone to shit and we need you to back!

Damien Singer says:

U alive mate?

Tim Blackburn says:

LOL I have a love/hate relationship with those "all you can eat" places

Kunya Ong says:


Michael Hopper says:

DF u need to listen to the uk Samsung S8 travellers ad…… i swear its you doing the voice over!

clintinterface says:

looks like a pair of tits :D. love your comments.

TEEN1DOL says:

DF back in action! The ol' ball n' chain Ladyboy loosened up a bit eh?

jhgjhgj hgjhgdj says:

How much does the Cashews cost in Thailand?


Sup dead farang….

Howard Neely says:

Good to see your videos again.

Matt Gimblett says:

Too much fkn around for a mouth full of chicken every fifteen minutes hahahaha

AndrewJoyce1975 says:

I've been there I think we just paid to get in. Saying that my ex gf dad was in the navy but I am sure that wasn't why.

Hercules Theban says:

The beach is under the direction of the navy, it's open to tourists but bikinis are not allowed apparently…

The Troll Of Central Park says:

Thats the only thing that shits me about SE Asian countries, the fact that they are allowed to discriminate against foreigners and its considered fine. ie 'local price/tourist price' 'no foreigners allowed' kind of shit. If we did that sort of stuff we would wind up in jail

gary jah jah says:

welcome back df from london we have missed you moaning keepit up champ

oncall21 says:

Thanks for sharing another original and different vlog DF! I've been to a Thai 'BBQ' and I have to agree. Unless you haven't eaten for three days it is a lot farkin' around trying to cook and eat 'hot pot' style and it takes about 4 hours all up. Keep them coming mate and I really enjoyed those doco vlogs you posted a few weeks ago on Vietnam, Cambodia archive stuff.

captain Spaulding says:

Brilliant mate , that’s a nice spot


Great to hear from ya Mate …..Go for it. Enjoy! @ 8.18 mins …..LOL

Bkkbound says:

To think Pattaya bay once looked like that…

Frits says:

Then fuck off and go ead fucking ausi bbq😂😀😂

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