NY CHOW Report – Banana Roti at Rhong-Tiam

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Thai food delivery in Manhattan is often unimpressive, but at Rhong-Tiam, near Union Square, they’re making a great wonderful banana roti drizzled with condensed milk. CHOW.com Contributing Editor Alex Van Buren is a fan.

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reophydey101 says:


TheDarknessOfVoid says:

Because malaysia is cool

Lokuulio says:

Co-Workers asking for a bite? Fuck those assholes, I'm scarfing it all down my fat pie hole.

Clarrot says:


Razin Yuzer says:

USD 8???In malaysia we have this everywhere in mamak stall and it cost like USD 0.30!!HAHAHHAHA

kisoensingh says:


JJlowro says:

$8!!?? I could buy like 3 bags of doritos with that and make alot of consomme.

TheLawlface says:

wow whats 8 bucks here is like not even a dollar in thailand >_>; lol

swagzilla3000 says:

lol at 0:20 i read "express your inner thigh"

MansoorDorp says:

@apexofawesomeness It's called pronunciation you dumb shit.

MansoorDorp says:

@apexofawesomeness Jesus christ you're so white. Stop saying it so white and you'll realize how wrong you are.

Josh Yeen says:

@Berra0199 Exercise.. its a great thing..

Michael Chin says:

This report is still one of my fav's. The roti looks sooo good. :(

Prana Warman says:

do you guys actually know that "Roti" in Bahasa Indonesia means Bread?

MansoorDorp says:

You pronounce Roti: RAW-TEA with emphasis on the "T"

At least you do in our culture (Pakistan/India).
It's always fun to hear how western you guys pronounce certain things! Gives me a chuckle.

PilotofTime is correct, this is a common indian bread twisted into something completely different.
Love the show. Keep it up!

Blue387 says:

@Berra0199 Alex is clearly a robot.

comac1983 says:

Where's the fun?

ilovebarsnewjersey says:

fuck alex van buren shes a stupid fat bitch that will eat anything and call it amazing

Henna Javed says:

thai is my favourite

PilotOfTime says:

The "Banana Roti" is actually Roti Prata, which is a typical indian staple. Its more of a twist on an Indian classic.

PRoMuK Khootrakul says:

thai food is the best!!!!!!

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