Orchid Farm Khon Kaen Thailand

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A short look at an orchid farm in Thailand

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orchids plz says:

i have no idea but soo many!

keith kent says:

This is a way of propagating new orchids identical to the mother plant,
laying the Dendrobium canes on a moist material like coir or moss helps
improve humidity promoting the new growth to emerge from a node. It is easy
to do.

Rasheed Shaik says:

Can i get the address of this farm?

Noel Garcia says:

Amazing, you have so many Dendrobriums growing. I hope to have the same
some day. Thanks for showing them to me via Youtube. With love, from
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

jezzy454 says:

thank u for this vedio…i was thinking about farm bussnes…in my farm in

Desmond P T says:

Can someone explain why are the dendrobium canes being laid flat like as it
they are being dried at 1:47? I saw the same sight at our local orchid

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