Phuket, Thailand has some beautiful peaceful beaches, and some beautiful people on them.
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One of the most famous and popular Thai dishes, this Thai Red Curry is easy to make with Chicken or Tofu, a fabulous non-vegetarian or a vegetarian dish. The color is very appealing to the [More]
Thai Kitchen of the World is one-hour documentary on the agricultural and food industries of Thailand, and the integral connection between food and culture. As a popular tourist destination millions of visitors are drawn to [More] Al is joined by Chef Jet Tila (Iron Chef America) to discuss the regions, tastes, and history of Thai cuisine on this episode of Top of the Food Chain.
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Chef Da’s Thai cooking recipe Chicken Ginger
High heat makes perfect wok dishes. Perfect Thai “Shrimp with Ginger”. (Yes it is a lot of ginger! And yes, it is ginger, not bean-sprouts!) Thai street chef does a fantastic dish in exactly 120 [More]