Paradise Beach Phuket. A Private Beach 10 minutes from Patong Beach 500 Baht Entry.

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Paradise Beach in Phuket Thailand is a great escape from the public beaches on the resort island of Phuket Thailand. It is a 10 minute drive from down town Patong. Paradise Beach operate a shuttle bus daily from 9:00AM to 9:00PM daily and 9:00AM to 4:00AM every moon party.

The basic entry level is 500 Baht. They also offer a 1000 Baht entry package and the price for the full moon party is 1500. You cannot bring food or drink onto the beach. All food and drink must be bought from within. Towels cost extra, so i suggest you bring your own towels.

It was good to enjoy a beach without be hassled by people trying to sell me stuff. I got my 500 baht value from it. I spent most of my time at the side beach where no-one ever visited. I had it all to myself. At one point it started raining and the water changed colour to a beautiful blue and in the background all the buildings of Patong disapeard behind the rain and all i could see were the mountains. It was a beautiful sight. If you want to get away and just chill for a day i would reccomend it. The 1st beach you see in the video has a shelly/rocky bottom so it’s not the best, but if you go to the side beach the sandy sea bottom is much better and less people. I dont know why as it is better around there. Sshhhhh don’t tell anyone!

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gk10002000 says:

not unreasonable prices, but those baht can add up. I typically stay at Karon beach as it is cleaner and less noisy than Patong. But I must admit I found great eating in Patong that place just to the right of bangla road that had 4 or 5 restaurants all under the same roof with fish tanks and lobster tanks.

subah007 says:

Nice one mate, cute baby Elephant

Sher Pink The Artist says:

the best video i ever like much more relaxing..

samir adel says:

Great Video..Dead Farang

Karel Perucini says:

LOL 500bth, private beach! :) :)

Adrian Morton says:

Thanks for sharing. Will hit this place up in October.

คุกกี้เค้กก เค้กคุ้กกี้ says:

poor chang noi

Mathieu Tallard says:

private beach should means bare beach or nude beach and almost a day salary for normal people there for a burger……should be the cost for girl for whole night.

Phillip Odgers says:

will be phuket in august, thinking I'll will check out Paradise Beach, looks a lot nice than patong beach, n cheaper to get to than a day trip kata/karon

retsbew jon says:

@ 4:41 that guy is handsome and cute ♥♥♥

retsbew jon says:

That looks like a beautiful beach to relax and recuperate from the stress of working and the stress of day to day life!

cloudtoground says:

just got back from Hua Hin.  That beach isn't that great actually.  I was at Siesta beach Florida this time last year and that was much better although Hua Hin beach was empty.

tom hancock says:

Another great video DF, Brings back memories of when i was in Phuket last year.

Marley Marl says:

Nice to see a Thai beach without all the boats anchored around

alex k says:

Thanks for sharing DF. Love your longer videos! Keep em coming so I can keep watching!

Brett Loves Thailand says:

When I visited Paradise beach in January they had free Chang beer cans from 6pm- 9pm included in the 500 baht ticket price so it was fantastic value for me…not sure if they do it all the time or not though as some friends of mine were there more recently and said they didn't see this offer.

Brett Loves Thailand says:

Don't be too alarmed mate…those are the Thailand crabs we all don't mind 555

Sean Nstuff says:

That fish wasnt phased at all. "hey buddy, welcome to my ocean".

Sukahorn Sinario says:

Good Stuff DF

Tom Warner says:

some of these comments lol definitely some strange people out there! beach looked lovely only 6 more weeks till I'm back in pattaya

Sher Pink The Artist says:

Wow amazing video very nice vlog by the way what kind of camera your using? You use 2 camera's while vlogging or 1 camera only? Its interesting clear and sharp videos i love it..

stephen watson says:

Hate the concept of private beach's on principal , that said that looks like a good spot to spend the day. Good info , good vlog .

Mark R says:

Hahaha You couldn't have timed that dog barking.. As the bloke fell off the board… Dog must have scared him hahahaha

Ammar Ammar says:

The private beach looked like a lot of fun. Good place to get away from the city for a while.

AJ West says:

Awesome looking beach, but that burger looked miserable. Great vid as always DF.

just another face in the crowd says:

That dog had some bollocks on him 😂

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