PATTAYA 2017 (WalkingStreet & Beach and more) #04

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Pattaya 2017!

Walking Street is Pattaya’s night hot spot.
Many shops are open until morning.
There are a lot of tourists on the street. Traveling alone, with friends, with family. Every traveler is smiling.
Recommendations are Rock Bar and Bar Beer.
Listen to the performances and enjoy billiards.
If you are hungry you can eat on the spot.


ja565hr says:

Was this slow season?

Tommy Thailand says:

Its nice to see Walking Street with out much camera shakiness. Good job! Are you using a gimbal?

Truestilo Flexotron says:

11-30 просто говорит отсосать за касарь

francis kocher says:

Hi Bangkok69..Nice video..Nice memories..Have nice day.

Jeff donovan says:

Did that hotel have a decent shower?

Frank Sagurna says:

@20:50 lol

old & grey says:

the highway to hell cover was actually pretty good !

Boring Man DAI 退屈なおっさん says:


planesrift says:

It's all good as long as the hotel is quiet and clean enough.

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