Pattaya After Midnight – Bars, Girls And Drama!!!

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Pattaya After Midnight – Bars, Girls And Drama!!!
Scenes from Pattaya Walking Street after midnight.


Fargo says:

14:40 is she thai?

Pervy Sage says:

12:08 wait they can do that? Are they doing it because they assumed they were "working girls" or can they ask random tourists for their paperwork?

Phillip R says:

Cheap charlie should Watch this One day he will be busted

A RaysFan says:

@9:46 whats the proper placement on a motorbike taxi? IMHO its driver, punter then barfine..debate amongst yourself 555

Manyphon Sythonh says:

fucking thai whore . big hole low price . how much for 1 night stand ?

Steven Allen says:

Is that really Cheap Charlie in the video? He looks a mess.



Ida Bakar says:

not sure what diseases these people have.. sad sad life

VB says:

Dude, I can watch your videos all day. Top class filming. Much better than the others. Keep making videos like these. Can't wait to start mine first adventure in pattaya in june!

GTLmike says:

Just left Pattaya. Your video is nice and on point. I worry YouTube might not like it…. good luck

vans s says:

so many white american bastard..

Wail fmh11 says:

Super Video Camera Excellent 100% Good 👍🏻

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