Pattaya Apartment — Chitra Suites $280-$500 Per Month — Very Nice!

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The Chuitra Suites in Pattaya Thailand is a great option for those who wish to rent monthly. It is located near the corner of 3rd Road and Pattaya Klang. The smaller rooms cost 9,000 baht or about $280 per month. The bigger one bedrooms cost about $500 per month. I was very impressed with the quality and newness of the place. The price includes cleaning, sheets and towel change weekly, and free wifi internet and cable TV.

The location is on a little back street away from the main road and there is no nightlife in the nearby vicinity so sound should not be an issue. There is a small swimming pool and a coffee shop out front. You can walk to B C Extra in about 7 minutes and Soi Buakhao in about 10 minutes from here.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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David says:

The front desk lady is really polite and friendly.

Wael Isa says:

Thanks man but this Non-smoking :(

esclave capitaliste says:

The neighboring building is called "SIDA Place". SIDA means AIDS in my country ^^

Blnt aslsy says:

cheap charlie buy a 4k camera please put 4k videos

Lenox McDuff says:

Should have taked a look into the standard room. Most people are interested in that one.

Wail fmh11 says:

Excellent flat video good

K Mathew says:

Please do reviews of penthouse style luxury condos for rent or sale. Thanks


I really enjoy these types of videos. I always like to get the full price of anything that I am interested in purchasing. You do a good job of getting the exact cost without any of those pesky hidden fees. Thanks again.

castortroy365 says:

Jeez you’re pumping the vids out lately. I prefer quality over quantity, I guess you’re treating your channel as a money printing machine? 😂

Rajender Rajender says:

Chitra mean beautiful drawing in sanskrit

Gimmee_Your_Money says:

Why are you always out of breath man?

陈港生 says:

Charlie doesn't know what good quality is

陈港生 says:

Chitra? More like Shitra

Nick Lopes says:

Wow….nice apartment CC. I'm getting more and more tempted to move to Thailand. Nice vid and info; thanks CC.

channel of szabolcs varga says:

u know that its not good for mental health to live in
a hotel without livingroom i know i live ina hotel for 8 years without livingroom its insane…

quinton boffy says:

Charlie how long have you been in Bangkok? and why is there more scooter parking then car parking?

Ziauddin Gulistani says:

Thank you so much cheap carlie I love it good job this kind of video real work for thoes people who never been thailand special for the first time thanks again

Benoit Levesque says:

holy crap … 2000 baht for a ''bedding set'' is that standard?!

Frank Smith says:

Haha…her head shaking at around the 5:30 mark in response to your question does not mean "she doesn't speak English" (though I doubt she does)…it means she couldn't understand your question ("พ๊ด Ingrid ได้มั้ย?"). It's อังกฤษ, not "Ingrid"…learn to read Thai, it will vastly improve your pronunciation!!

trader says:

nice and clean .. also cheap ^-^

อนุเทพ สุขสันต็ says:

😆😆😆😃😃nice jobbbbbb 😇😇

Hayden Grant says:

Standard room would off been nice to see ?? She had the key in her hand come on cheap Charlie …


Nice place. Thanks

Don Marti says:

Great Camera work in Hollywood Seans channel You guys are Great together in Vlogs you make each other SHINE

richie rich says:

Again, another great video CC.

Mataiodragon says:

Very nice (: I was looking at Sean's video about condos and am considering that when I go down there for a couple weeks. I want one of the rooftop pools tho lol.

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