Pattaya Beach Road – I Want to Go with You, Farang

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Pattaya city Thailand / Beach road / Pattaya Beach / Walk along Beach road Pattaya Thailand at day time.
The video was not edited or cut.

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Paul Mulvey says:

This place is awesome !! I love pattaya !!!😃😃😃

MarineCorpsRetired 1 says:

3:02 should not be walking alone 😂🍻

bartbutkis says:

All these Thai "walking on the street" videos are a freaking waste of the viewers time. I think I'd rather watch paint dry.

alex 805 says:

how far is walking street from this spot?

Donnie Porter says:

Dam u see all theae old fat men with these hot young women must b easy to puck uo chics ther

Dan Benson says:

I liked this video, just a stroll walk and just watching people, good job!!

fingalslastpint says:

I find nice girl in bangkok get back to hotel she has 5 inch clit. Also she very hairy, capable of very loud pjang (fart) also able to say ‘conquistador’ while burping.. next morning she have 5 oclock shadow clit very big lshe call it ‘morning wood’.

It was nice time

Jaime Santiago says:


Justice Warrior says:

But the real question is, how much for a blowjob and do they swallow cum??

Go cuk says:

The boulevard of broken dreams

The Travel Man says:

Good vid, Pattaya is looking nice and warm :-)

Freedom says:

Beach rd girls usually have HIV as they cant get work in the bars. The bars check the girls they employ but not all do.

playngod says:

So filthy ,trash is everywhere. Prostitution all over… sad that visitors travel 14 hour flight to Fuck a transsexual or underage children or better yet cash there retirement check over to some bargirl that you think loves you…and has 6 other guys she’s doing the same thing to…what a bunch of suckers

John Naputi says:

Your walking like your drunk and you bounce the camera and the subject matter is nothing .. this im sorry was terrible …. when you film use a gymbal walk straight or with less back and forth .. I hope you don't drive like that and you shoot something make it have substance.

carrol meeks says:

What are all the boats doing anchored in the harbor? Been wanting to ask that through about a hundred vids.

Rod Nelson says:

The video should have been edited. IT's about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Blue Lotus Organic Red Wine says:

old white guy beach aahhhhhaaaaa

Wingalaxi says:

Jeez, what a horrible place!

Anthony Lawrence says:

Are you gay? You filmed lots of men, but when a woman came by you turned the camera away.

pinoyamigo duterte says:

I think if I see one more YouTube video about broken down old desperate fat gutted bald white men haunting Asian countries for prostitutes Im gunna be sick to my stomach.

Showdown says:

Most horrible place ever!!!!

malcolm mathers says:

super tourist trap by looks of place ibeen phillipines 4 times its ok there if you can escape the hustle

Kirk Wilson says:

Sick EU tourists video.

Skydiver says:

Excellent boardwalk video Farang. Exactly what I am looking for except you should have stopped for some food and a beer. Something from someone, a bite and a beer.

ChinaAl says:

Damn, are you sweeping the walk with the camera or taking a video. Way too much camera movement. Getting dizzy.

Jammy Jackson says:

Pattay BKK and puket
The woman smell like
Curry .because Indian
Guy like running a train on them

Ottis says:

I will see you in 2 months Pattaya and Bkk , ♡♡ nice girls,can't wait Merry Christmas to me and Happy New Year's , great way to spend it

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