Pattaya Beach Road, Night Walk

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15 minute walk along beach road, there were simply hundreds of freelancer girls along the route. Most did not want me to film at all, The odd one would tell me where to go. So many girls work for far less on beach road then in a bar, trying to figure out the real reason why?


Faisal AlBalushi says:

nice video mate keep filming

Faisal AlBalushi says:

why the dieslikes …

Peter Scuba says:

Needs a better camera, girls faces aren't clear

rtl2002 says:

It's good to see that there's still a lot of choice on the BR, even in the low season.

DoubleEszpresszo says:

Probably your most adventurous video. I am also surprised that you didn't attract more objections or hostility. But, that means you pulled it off fairly well. You have come a long way in your videos. Yes, persistence pays.

Brummie Brink says:

its a great video pattaya, go on men. its very windy on beach road. maybe next time you can film with hidden camera. the girls from gogobars could be more beautiful and nicer but on beach road you will get a much better price then in gogobars. you can make a good deal with beach road girl. if have great times with beach road girls. sometimes its not so good. next day you will be lucky. .

Mustafa Ali says:

Looks windy….. even the freelancers are having a bad night because of it…. lol

Hachi Maru says:

Never seen that many cops along br before don't seem to be after the girls though

Rhod Jones says:

I'm surprised some of the girls haven't taken serious umbrage to your filming them, in fact have you ever been attacked by any? The girls along Beach Road are arrested by the police on a regular basis and fined a minor amount so it's understandable that they object.

Thiago Soares says:

This sidewalk have a beaultiful view!!

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