Pattaya Beach Road – Thailand – Beach girls, food and shopping malls

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Today I walking down Beach Road in Pattaya, Thailand and captured an awesome video that really captures the scene here in Pattaya as locals share a meal on the beach while the beach vendors pack their stuff and the Pattaya night life starts to wake up. On the way I pass Mike shopping mall, Central Festival and the Hilton Hotel. We see different street vendors a few Thai girls and a huge custom-made truck. I definitely not boring walking down Beach Road in Pattaya.. you never know what is going to happen and I am so glad that I finally got to capture it on film.

Let me know what you think… did you like the video ?

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Andy B says:

i spend 3-4 hours in a mall back home (canada)trying to get a smile from the 1or 2 women that arent overweight without any luck. In thailand, you cannot walk 100 meters without having a few girls looking at you with a beautiful smile. I love thailand, its paradise on earth !

Kourosh Ghaheri says:

very nice video

Priva1 TM says:

Yeah this is my kind of Pattaya video, when the cam stays with the ''money'' shot as long as possible, No Matter What! (in this case the hotness in the grey skirt-white top in the first 2 min , lol)

john daly says:

Missing It So Much, Back In 6 Weeks !

BIGNIC says:

I really enjoyed your video and have become a subscriber, it depicted, to some extend, what it is like to be really there and thank you for no annoying music blocking out the natural sounds. I'd give it a two thumbs if allowed.
The last couple of minutes appeared to be shot with a different camera.

Pattaya Street Cruiser says:

Joke alert ! for Mr. Huevinious Maxumus (It wont allow me to reply to his comment below)
I am only afraid of your mother, but I am not really sure if she counts as a woman. Joke aside (no hard feelings…I just had do make the joke dude :)
The camera is a little shaky due to my new new cock mount… and I found it a little hard to keep 100% erect and steady for the whole walk… maybe next time I will think of you !
Another more realistic theory to the shaking might be the lack of booze and cigarettes in my body.

12 min is more than I ever watched.. thanks ..
Heck for what we know there might be a price menu for ST and LT somewhere in the video.. maybe even the secret of life
I guess we will never know until someone actually watches the whole video !

As for talking to the ladies I aim for 8-10s.. (if drunk 6-7’s starts to look like 8-10s I guess but I was not drunk)

But in all seriousness thanks for your comment and feedback I really appreciate it !

Thank you… and thanks for watching !

Huevonious Maximus says:

Even though I found the video too long and too boring, you give some tips and info. your camera does not have steady shot nor does it seem to adjust for contrast, very bad for viewer. Are you afraid of women? You seem like it. Some were smiling back and not hiding their faces, so why didn't you stop and talk to them? That would have been nice to hear them telling you how much for LT or ST. Could only take 12 minutes of this repetitive and boring video.

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