Pattaya beach road – The walking tour.

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A walk down beach road on a very windy afternoon.


sunbird80racer says:

I found a good way to hold the camera while walking is to hold it about ur waist..

sunbird80racer says:

Very good its like being there what is the cold temp. in winter??

e montana says:


Swiftly He Strikes says:

I had to turn it off, i felt motion sick

Erling Andreassen says:

Me and my friends(I used to go without my thaigirl to Pattaya, would just lay on plankets on the lower part of beach walk and smoke and massage and set new-bie tourists in contact with people for a fee or similar for(ya-ai,ya-ba),or we'd set up young beginner girls with nice clients. thus went the nights,with maybe a trip to Tony's Disco or similar places,I'd sometimes crash in slummy rooms or even out in the plywood shantytowns with friends. One1-2km from Carrefour..and one over the railroad?:)

cees mater says:

@lifeinthailand we never doing annything bad we only suport tham hehehehe

pierrelareux says:

best place on earth ! coconut bar worth every penny ?

Stef Stifler says:

very nice vid!
unfortunately i havent been there so far.
hope my first time will be in february/march 2012.
thx for sharing, mate!

THEAC83 says:

Marc 'Massage' Brancatisano!

MsCameronMitchell says:

i love patty :)

JLB Matekoni says:

good vid mate

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