Pattaya Beach Road Walk, Visit Thailand 10

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wuttivai says:

Jomtien Beach is better than Pattaya Beach,
Start from evening to midnight, the Beach roach has many lady free lancer standing around for body sell, try to take a look.

Yojan Khadka says:

hey daniel . is better to exchange dollor at outside or at airport. ?

rk sarma mk says:

can you show me the hotel and how much it cost? which place is the best for backpacker..? like khaosan road bangkok

Raymond Teng says:

Pattaya beach is dirty and crowded,why people like that.The only thing i know is the food and lodging is cheap and a lot of women available for westerner.

ayantu oluma says:

Once you are infected with travel bug-there is no going back. You are a traveler for life and that is a good thing. Most people would love to have that experience, so my friend keep traveling as long as you can.

Perry Jones says:

Hey Daniel – it's not polite to ask people how old they are.

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