Pattaya / Beach / WalkingStreet

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Pattaya is the most famous resort in Thailand.
Walking Street Among them is the Asia’s largest night town.
Seafood, live bar, a lot of shops, such as Beer serves.


Harold Bryant says:

WOW! Pattaya has changed considerably from my last visit there about 16 years ago! Good video.

Tele fizyoncu says:

ur videos so cool 👍👍

Kennie MusicLovers says:

camera used ? please share as I am currently looking around for a new DSLR before I go BKK and Phuket !…possibly Pattaya too ! thanks.

intelligenceisnot says:

Nice camera. And a slow steady hand. With luck a serious cutie will walk on by shining us the money shot — meaning her best angle :) Then again, maybe not :)

Johno F says:

Well done, thank you. Very appreciated.

Mustafa Ali says:

What I like about your video is…. 1) the picture are clear and crisp, 2) it was stable and no-sudden movement like most people did (a Tripe A Plus) and 3) you labe "69 Bangkok" is nicely put on the left-hand corner and clearly visible. A good way to discourage others from using your videos in their Youtube library!

Andy B says:

central festival food park has great food..i eat there all the time..prices are about 10-15 % above street food on average but well worth it..Nice air conditioned mall and plenty of eye candy..i can spend hours in that mall. Thx for sharing your vid man !! i.ll be there in november for 4-5 months !!

Quinton TV says:

Hey what camera and stabilizer are you using??

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