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Pattaya is a resort in Thailand
Many foreigners visit sightseeing
Department Store, Night Market, Street Food etc
There are many ways to enjoy
It is also famous as a night spot


Eric Black says:

I've noticed there are pharmacies everywhere. can buy anything in there without a prescription.

Claudio Ferrari says:

pattaya,il posto turistico più triste al mondo.

teebat58 says:

The guy singing around 17:00 is pretty good.

Sven Bolin says:

Just came home to Bangkok after two days in Pattaya, now is not ‘low season’ it’s ‘no season’. No ppl at all, scary! To save the tourist industry, and probably the rest of the nation, Thailand must adjust the Baht ASAP!

Chad says:

and this is high season ? :D

Boring Man DAI 退屈なおっさん says:


Brummie Brink says:

great video bangkok

john atkinson says:

quietist ive ever seen it!! ive heard rumours the resort(as we know and love it) is on borrowed time?

Z P says:

1:45 Legend has it, that jet ski ripped off countless farangs.

sIkkIo eVol says:

Night comes at 5:33 xD

PattayaIGoGo says:

Great Video. Always enjoy your Videos

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