Pattaya by Day – Beach Road, and trying to find the Sportsman…

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Pattaya by Day – Beach Road and trying to find Sportsman – August 2016

If you are thinking of booking a Pattaya hotel there are 2 guides on the website now including essential booking tips:
$50+ Pattaya hotels:
$20-40 Pattaya hotels

This video includes a baht bus ride from Soi 6 to Hooters, with some popular restaurants, bars and hotels on Beach Road pointed out.

After, I completely forgot what street the ‘Sportsman Pub’ was located. I blindly walked around in the sweltering mid afternoon heat going up Soi 13/1, 13/2 and finally Soi 13 in search of the pub for a full English Breakfast.

After that, I took a mototaxi ride to Soi Buakhao where I got a cheap haircut for 80 baht.

Parts of this video:
0:00 Baht bus, Soi 6 to Hooters bar ride
3:59 Hooters on Beach road
4:45 Soi 13/1 wander
6:16 Soi 13/2 wander
9:30 Soi 13
10:50 Mototaxi ride to North Soi Buakhao to get an 80 baht haircut
15:22 Map of the locations in this video

Additional notes:

NB: Since I made this video and completed a guide to Pattaya’s best hotels $50+ I’ve found out that the Hilton is in fact ‘guest friendly.’ I have called them direct to confirm this.

There is sometimes confusion about ‘guest friendly’ hotels, as if the room already has 2 people checked in then a joiner fee nearly always applies wherever you are staying. This makes sense as if there weren’t rules like this in place you could have an orgy with 10 noisy ladyboys without the hotel benefiting.

Soi 6 to Hooters baht bus ride.

The LK Empress breakfast buffet is currently 220 baht (August 2016) which represents great value and is a good place to pig out on the vast array of food offered.

Tahitian Queen gogo bar is highly recommended and I visited just the other night after this video was edited. They play rock music at a reasonable decibel level, which makes a change from the usual techno.

Bottled beers were around 135 baht, and the thing I liked most was the girls rotate after every single song. So if you get a good view of the stage it’s a perverts paradise ;)

The girls were looking ok and weren’t too pushy, and they were in very good spirits joking around a lot which makes a change from the sullen, dead eyed faces that you see in some gogos. There was no nudity on show but the girls wear sexy skimpy bikinis / bra and pants.

McDonald’s food prices
I don’t know what is going on but they’ve hiked up prices across the board in Thailand. It seems that it’s almost on par with Western McDonald’s prices, with less quality.

Soi 13/2 (Post Office) gogo bars
These bars have long relied on afternoon trade, but the police have restricted their opening times to 6pm which doesn’t bode well for the future (especially in the low season).

Post Office
This is open every single day, and you can send letters and parcels with or without insurance abroad.

I was recommended this place by a friend, they had a carvery on when I visited. My food was fine, and I will include more info on this in an upcoming video…

Mototaxi ride to Soi Buakhao for a haircut
This ride cost 40 baht, and it is always a bit sketchy when your driver turns and drives against the flow of traffic.

80 baht haircut
I had an 80 baht haircut, they are never really good or really bad but for the money you can’t complain. Always be quick to say no when they try to trim your eyebrows.

Having a wet shave at these places is a mixed bag depending on who you get. I’ve had a smooth as silk shaves here, and also had some of the worst dry skin scraping shaves of my life – needless to say I don’t recommend getting a wet shave at these cheap 80 baht places unless you have skin like leather already! :)

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C Gilbert (Bimmerman) says:

That was great, will be I'm pattaya in November so this came in handy!

John Carlon says:

Been watching your videos for quite a while now. Always enjoy them. Now that I have been there it is like being there…even down to the forgetting the street address. Ive done that. Great video as always.

Joe Webster says:

Excellent video where is kamela beach relative to pattaya?

uknf. jones says:

Soi 13/2 off beach rd half way up on v right…. stayed v dynasty inn for years, but only ever went in v sportsman once.

Kelvin Tran says:

Hey if you google Sportsman Pattaya you'll see the address.

gruu says:

In the beginning of the video I spotted a big norweigan flag, and a couple of mins later a danish one too, are they catering to scandinavians or are they scandinavian owned, or maybe just decoration? :]

Brayan Bin says:

Amused videos Thank you for your efforts

David Matthes says:

Nice video. But I got to say, I found the Sportsman in about 10 seconds on Google.

dardoalbarracin says:

very useful man, thank you!

peackpr9 says:

Question about the baht buses. I didn't use any when I was there in March because I was only there for 2 days. My trip in Sept/Oct, I will be there for 2 weeks. Do you just hop on, ring the bell and pay them once you are off? Also, are all rides only 10 baht? Thanks!

peackpr9 says:

I stayed at the Hilton back in March and had no problems bringing guests back to the hotel. Was never asked to pay a joiner fee. I will be staying there again for two nights in October. It is possible they have changed their rules since March, but since I booked for 2 adults and I'm traveling alone, I would push the issue.

Mark Thomas says:

You could've found it straight away on Google maps.

vvik1964 says:

Regarding McDonalds i send a message to HQ in USA and asked them how to open an McDonalds Restaurant in Thailand and McDonalds said it is not possible because one person has the franshise rights to open new restaurants, no other person. It is like Maffia, he can do what he like now as like the russian maffia.

Hugh Jass says:

6:50 Pizza Hut, McDonalds and 7-11, Lol

randall clark says:

great video how about some videos of the dark side or beaches to the South. just a suggestion thank you

Steven Monash 62 says:

thanks for that.. I believe I requested it some time back… not sure if you remembered.. but yeah sportsmen is where my mate stays.. as he has retired in LOS… so good to know when visit…Like the way you video.. not irritating and interesting footage. Enjoyed it a lot.

Christopher Thom says:

Like with previous videos seems to be plenty of rock music bars & gogos which is a good thing 👍🏻

Cool Runnings says:

Nice vids mate.. keep it up.

vivek Joseph says:


Djjazzc Yagetme says:

112 do you prefer Pattaya or Patong in Phuket. I'm going to Thailand in December for 3 weeks but only have flights booked. I'm still deciding where to go. If you was going to Thailand for the first time what would you recommend. Thanks in advance. 👍

Don Tamba says:

Mr.112–impeccable selection of background muzak as always. they're a great enhancer to your visuals. thanks for mentioning the soundtrack menu—just added THE 126ERS track to my soundcloud playlist. muchas gracias amigo.

Khalil 01 says:

very nice man ..amazing Thailand

Pekka Mai says:

Hi Bangkok 112

Thanks for your movies. I always feel a bit of being in Pattaya by watching them. You where searching for The Sportsman in Soi 13. A bit further down the street direction to the Beach was a very good restaurant too called "The Haven". The provided all kind of tasteful food as well as english breakfast. Is it still there?

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