Pattaya Night Scenes – Dec 2016

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Pattaya Night Scenes – Dec 2016

Some footage that didn’t make the recent Pattaya night vlogs.

Parts of this vid include:

0:04 Hot Tuna bar ft. Lam Morrison (the godfather of Thai rock)
0:19 Stroll around the end of Walking Street set to Lam Morrison’s band
2:28 Outside Endorphin Club around 5am, some problems with customers
3:58 Outside Insomnia around 5am
5:20 Baht bus ride along second road – note the price increases to 20 baht from Jan 2017
10:23 Soi 6 quick walkthrough at 5,30am – I only got propositioned once this time :)

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Lone Wolf says:

@ 2:02 .. are they Thai girls .. ? They both look hot ..

Dean Messias says:

must not be familiar with how black women are built.. that was real and trust me it was nothing

Fransamsterdam says:

As you might know, most of the news items start with 'In the early hours of'.
It is not very dangerous in Pattaya during night, but it is so easy to avoid these relative dangerous times and be in your room with a lovely girl already.

Richard N says:

…..ass was real!

Richard N says:

I watch these videos and every now and then I see a girl that I've banged before.

John Doe says:


Ro__078 says:

The trip in the taxi, is that turkish people talking, are you?

slick trill says:

That ass at 4:00 though…
Anyone knows the song at the end of the vid?

Mikey Dip says:

Asian Steve Vai rips the guitar pretty well…

jason4275 says:

So what makes the Indian and middle eastern bar's different from western type bars.

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