Pattaya Nightlife – VLOG 89

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Pattaya Nightlife – Soi Diana / Soi 6 / Beach Road at night – VLOG 89

Sights and sounds from a night out in August 2016 from Pattaya, Thailand. On this night I ate on Soi Diana, then went to Soi 6, after that I was on Beach Road late at night. This is the first video of 3 from one night out in Pattaya.

Feel free to skip around the video. Parts include:

0:04 Soi Buakhao
1:13 Food at Robin’s Nest, Soi Diana
2:36 3 great places to eat on Soi Diana (montage)
3:22 Baht bus ride to Soi 6
4:32 Soi 6 bar area
5:33 Toy Box bar bikini party
10:46 Quick Q & A with a soi 6 bargirl :)
11:44 Beach Road
14:37 Penthouse Hotel, Soi 13/4

For more info on my hotel recommendations staying in Pattaya:
($50+ / night)
($20-40 / night)

Additional Info:

On this night I was going to try the fish and chips stall on LK Metro in front of Climax live music bar, but only take away was available as there was limited seating. The Robin’s nest Cod n’ Chips was ok, but I probably wouldn’t order it again.

Soi Diana 3 places to eat near second road.

Kiss Food and Drink is 24 hours and serves decent Western and Thai food at affordable prices. I took some of my holidaying friends there once and they said it was the best Thai food they’d had in all of Thailand (they all ordered seconds of a Thai curry dish but I can’t remember which one).

The Beefeater is arguably the best steakhouse in Pattaya. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for here. This restaurant is very popular so it’s best to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Bronx Pizza serves New York style pizza with a variety of toppings, I love this place and have never been served a bad slice in over a dozen visits. 115 baht for 2 big slices is a good deal and it’s very convenient if you are stuck for time. Tip: You can eat your pizza at the beer bar complex nearby which I sometimes do as it’s nice to wash spicy pizza down with a cold, refreshing beer.

Cute girl by the entrance to Soi 6. Sometimes when I look back on footage I take I’m shocked at how I overlook bars and bargirls. The girl in the white Pokemon t-shirt looking at her phone looked like a diamond in the rough IMO.

Jack Tar bar, Soi 6. This bar is a good place and is often packed with expats as the beer is around 65 baht, but on this night it was quiet.

Toy Box bar. They had a bikini party on this night and it looked pretty wild inside. The Toy Box has regular themed party nights and a group of friendly girls inside. It’s good to see bars trying to stand out from the crowd by going the extra mile.

Q & A with a soi 6 bargirl. When chatting with bargirls sometimes they tell me hilarious stories, or are proud to announce they had a couple of short times already ;) Let me know in the comments below a question you’d like me to ask next :)

Expats chatting on Beach Road. I was looking around beach road and happened to overhear a couple of US expats chatting about the Chinese Tourists in Pattaya. These guys had their own sound system, ice cooler and drinks and looked like it was their regular spot where they hang out every night :)

Propositioning a Freelancer. On this night I saw an attractive looking young Beach Road freelancer and decided (for research purposes only) to proposition her. I smiled and said ‘you look pretty, how much?’ She replied ‘800 baht, one shot’ in a heartbeat.

I made my excuses and left. It was funny to me that she used the ‘one shot’ terminology that mongers like to speak in :) I think I could have knocked her price down further, and a good tip if you are in a freelancer negotiation is to be very direct as they get a lot of timewasters.

TIP: I find it’s good to say ‘right now’ a lot in any bartering negotiations as it lets them know you are serious. So if I’d have said ‘600 baht and we go RIGHT NOW’ she’d have probably agreed ;)

Tahitian Queen gogo bar, Beach Road. If you are bored of the generic, characterless Walking Street gogo bars then I highly recommend this place. They play rock music at a medium volume level inside, and the dancers all wear skimpy bikinis and rotate very fast onstage. Bottled Beers are around 135 baht.

Penthouse Hotel. This is arguably the number one Adult themed hotel in the world. It has chrome poles and large jacuzzis in some rooms. The Penthouse Hotel is a wild card on the Pattaya hotels $50+. Kitten Club and Obsessions gogo bars are underneath the hotel, and you can order the dancers in like room service ;)

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Marvi Marv says:

Here is a question you can ask on of the girls. Me so horne, you love me long time???

Nataliya Slezko says:

Wonderful country
Crazy crazy counntry
All you if you want
Yoo can do it in this place

dozzer1813 says:

thanks for all the info planning a trip this next year

Bernard Soh says:

good job, for recommendations.

Giuseppe Rinaldi says:

Beach road freelancer are all ugly girl?

Brian Cartoscelli says:

I find that most women are average at best. soi 6 hot though

Jisburn says:

100 k Special in Club Filming Strip :D pls

El Profesor says:

ask her if the rain in Spain falls in the plain,and if she blurts",Rex Harrison",shes got it there mate.Then you could go,"Sex Harrison"?..then you've got it there!

eyad shamy says:

Do you live in Thailand?

Allens Daniels says:

One thing I've noticed is that 95% of the western men are old and fat. I've been on the Pattaya Addicts board and others and they all complain about western women letting themselves go. WTF? Hypocrites much?
I stay in shape, I'm in my mid 40's. But every time I see these videos, it's 60 year old's, 3-5 times the size of these Thai girls.

Itsp3rsonal says:

WoW 30 bucks for some pleasant looking side dish hope ya jumped in lol

Joe Momma says:

"Do you have any special talents? Me? I can fit my whole fist in my mouth…"

vanscoyoc says:

Wow when that little girl grabs that fat old man's crotch lmao!

Khalil 01 says:

great job man ..we like yr vedio's

retirementinasia says:

What do you think is a good hotel for a married couple must have a lift walking problems

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