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Geoff Carter takes you on a walk about down soi 7 & 8

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John Smith says:

The Thais were chasing the Russian market, especially when building
condominiums, but they didn’t foresee the collapse of the Ruble. It’s the
Northern Europeans, Aussies and Yanks who spend big bucks in Pattaya, not
the cheapskate Russians who buy cheap beer in 7 Eleven and bring their
bloody wife, kids and babies to the number 1 brothel in the World.

SooiiRonicRecords says:

Nice one Geoff!

Pattaya Bars says:

Yes I was their sept October for 2 month found that many things had gone up
in price to make up for all the other people not going couldn’t believe how
quiet it was I think the Russians will disappear now the oil is 50% down . 

sodthong says:

Good video Geoff. Spent many a night in the Sailor bar drinking Thai
whiskey at 25baht a pop, and great cheap food also.

Dan E says:

Quality video Geoff mate


here is my latest video. enjoy.

RichardIIfan says:

Great. It keeps me going till I get there in January. Took your advice on
not staying at Mr P’s bar heehee and found one place called the Siam. Sois
7 and 8 look quieter than 6. I am getting more and more excited too.
Looks as though loads of us will be there in Jan and who knows… small
world, you get talking to someone in a bar and we find we both watch Geoff.
I shall be heading up north in Feb. though. I hope you keep enjoying.
What will you be doing for Crimbo this year? Er.. so you swim in the sea?

timagesaustralia says:

Thanks for recording this mate, i stayed at the flipper hotel on soi 7, but
did all my shopping on walking st ;-) brings back a lot of memories

TommyIOMTT says:

Great Videos Geoff, quick question for you, roughly whats the walking
distance from where the Bell Bus, Bus 389 drops off at Central Pattaya/
Pattaya Klang to bottom of Soi 13, Cheers

scott ray says:

fair play love from time bomb xxxxxxxx

Jonny MacGinty says:

Great vid I stayed in Soi7 and 8 in Sept for a couple of weeks each great
buzz, I’ll be there next year for a month and if i see ya I’ll collar ya
for a beer yer a character i can tell

fish fingers says:

was there a few days before you uploaded this. pretty sure i saw those
three indian guys with a ladyboy on walking st


Hi Geoff,any reviews on Bassaya beach hotel & resort at 137 Mu 9 Nongprue,

crispernator says:

Great video mate ,so sailor bar for breki ,change me aussie dollars at a tt
exchange look out for ballons for a free feed if i have a few drinks or
catch the seafood lady before she nicks off ,got it .

Philo M says:

Really enjoy your video’s GEOFF thanks for a really good job and keeping us
in the west informed about Patts.

nelco69 says:

Hi Geoff. Nice video. I have spent a few happy nights there in the past.
But it hasn’t half changed in the past few years. When I was first there in
the early 90s all of those bars were open. and the place was jumpin. It was
a bit rougher then, but it had a much better atmosphere. I even stayed on
Soi 8 once. In the Visa House Hotel, That is the one up near 2nd road. It
was a bit noisy. but comfortable enough. But I must admit I only stayed for
4 days. The noise of all those bars finally got to me, and I moved into the
Skaw Beach Hotel. I still like Pattaya, but it isn’t as good as it once
was. And it is a lot more expensive now, But it’s still good fun for a few
days hedonism. hahaha.


Johnny A says:

Thanks for the video Mr. Carter. If you could focus a little more on the
fine looking young ladies in town it would be very much appreciated…Happy
New Years to you and watch out for those taxi drivers my friend ! 

jaymeez says:

Excellent Video!

Ali Boga says:

I have watched many many videos about Pattaya but yours are absolutely best
and you treat local people way more friendly then other stupid guys.. You
are like a fun uncle for me! Thanks!!

Boss Play TV says:

Hey up Geoff lad! Great video mate you a Yorkshire lad eh? Love to bump
into you in Pattaya I’m planning on visiting this year speak soon Rashad

Michael gapps says:

Really decent video,excellent guide tips.

Tom Cat says:

soi 7 and 8 are both going down hill.Has been for years.Older girls and
fatter girls work there now.Stay away from the kings bar unless you like
ladyboys.The plaza that he walk threw at the start of the video has good
beer prices.Over all do not waste to must time in pattaya.There alot of
better and safer places to go in thailand.The crime rate is way up in
pattaya .First timer take alot of cash with you.Thailand is not cheap if
you like to party in the bars and fool around with the local girls

96rottie says:

Good vid Geoff & good tip about the Sailor Bar, my favourite bar in the
whole place!. They do better Thai food, all fresh and cooked to order,
cheap as well.
The GoGo’s on that street are expensive, similar to Walking Street prices
for drinks in some cases. The bar right at the bottom at the Beach Road end
of Soi 8 is a great place to sit and people watch during the afternoon, and
they have a good live band on in the evenings. The only problem is the
hawkers selling goods during the night, I always politely tell them “No”
and they leave you alone.

kosamui says:

Another brilliant video from the Burtonwood bandit! Thanks very much Geoff!

Phillip R says:

Another great walk and wealth knowledge thanks m8 loved it

Brian L says:

hey Geoff how long you been living in pattaya mate? do you advise to rent
or buy if moving to pattaya? enjoy your vids,i allways stay at opey de
place when I get over there in soi lengkee…. my favourite area…. thanks
again for vid will buy you a beer if I see you

tom mooney says:

thanks mate i can leave my fat wallet in my safe when i visit soi7 8

Andy Hill says:

Nice one – Eagle bar….had a few afternoons there

Jorge Sibauste says:

Thank you so much. I left the same morning you published this video. It
brings back wonderful memories. I can’t wait until I go back again.

Gamel Saleh says:

Geoff great video as always.Talking about kebabs the best i have had is a
beef one off an egyptian guy just on the right of second rd just past the
lights if you are walking away from walking street towards second rd cross
over and he is there.if you dnt like it i will give you your money back
lol.opens around 6 i think get him on the vid.

Damien Lee says:

Great video Mr. Carter, thanks for sharing

Terry Gale says:

Thanks Geoff for the bubbly informative posting video .Appreciate your
effort. My last visit was in April 2010. I danced and drank at the We Are
The World bar cnr Beach Rd and Soi 8. I will be back for Songkran in April
2015. Hotel on Moo 9 Soi Pattaya -Second Rd. (central Pattaya)

ter1413 says:

Digging your vids. I go to Thailand several times a year. Next time I need
to stop and check out this area.

tahiti di roma says:

Sorry but lovely food for 1,50 !!! As a french i dont think so !! LOL

Pattaya Bars says:

So quiet for high season nice video Geoff .

Danny Me says:

Fantastic vid . Have to say a Pig and Whistle farmhouse breakfast aint
cheap but is to die for. Love Sailor bar for a few early ones as its proper
bar staff as opposed to giggly girls. Always time for the girlie’s later

William J says:

hi geoff thanks for the vid. brings back memories i lived in pattay for
4 years, have a thai wife, spent many a night in soi 7 and 8 keep up the
vids good work 

yensabi says:

Nice one Geoff , i have spent many a good night down 7 & 8 if you know what
i mean
; – )…..Keep em coming mate , its like being there 

gavbkk83 Ireland says:

3:29 Flipper House. That’s my home when I’m in Pattz. Ha, great video

aussie daveh says:

hi Geoff thanks for the vid really enjoyed it I have been to pattaya every
year for the 25 years seen a lot of changes but still love the place
going again next sep if you are there I will buy you a chang beer mate have
a great xmas cheeres best regards aussie dave

Shaun Mantell says:

Great video as usual,it’s got the lot soi’s 7 and 8,barely got out of there
in 3 weeks in pattaya.Friendly people,felt safe there,beach across the
road,everything you need right there,cheers Geoff,take care mate !!

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