Pattaya THAI GIRLS PARTY IN MY HOTEL Vlog 4: my room is night club; girl dance. Thailand Travel 2016

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Pattaya Nightlife. This is the fird part of VLOG “Party with thai girls in my hotel”: from club Insomnia Pattaya we came to my room in View Talay Condo 6; thai girls seated in the bed on the balcony of my condo; club music sounded from MP3 music box; hot girls talked how long they can boom boom at one time; also girls dance hot club dancing standing on the bed; my room looked as night club in Pattaya…

VLOG 1: dance in Insomnia club, thai street food

VLOG 2: girl in bed, balcony night view

VLOG 3: women muay thai, night boxing

After dancing with thai girls in Insomnia club we went to my hotel to continue the party. We left the club and went outside to Walking Street. It was late and many gogo clubs, bars, disco like as 808, Ibar, Insomnia, Marino Disco, Mixx already were closed. Many tourists with thai girls were going to their hotels by Walking Street. We stoped to buy some thai food at street vendor who was making thai barbeque on Walking Street. After that we went by taxi to the hotel past popular tourist destinations in Pattaya: Beach Road, Soi Buakhao, Soi 6, LK Metro, Soi 7, Soi 8. Thailand nightlife went on in my hotel…

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Андрeй Т says:

Правда только видео эти слабоватые. Вы только английский практиковали?:)

Андрeй Т says:

Сам только с ко самуй вернулся :)

Андрeй Т says:

Молодцы :)

Rocky Scorpionking says:

may i know name of this hotel please..?
rooms looks very big and clean..


so much boom boom very day!!i envy you guys! looks like Hilton Pattaya…wet pussy with view of sunset

Сам по себе says:

на мартышек похоже

bumble144 says:

you lucky bro them girl are hot, the one in the black. she look fun

Del ., says:

why the girls like to hit and scratch and hit your friend with a pillow, is he teasing them?

Brummie Brink says:

at least one hour sex otherwise no money

Brummie Brink says:

have nice time and dont forget every night boom boom! nice video quys. go on

elk pants says:

Do you guys ever sleep lol. Awesome video!!

Мико Агисова says:

Это где?

Мико Агисова says:

Ужас я не вижу красавица)))бегемот

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