Pattaya , Thailand 2015 január

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@mind Hotel Pattaya

Pribránszki Márk
Dömötörfi Ákos
Kránitz József
Mikhely Zoltán


PattayaCoyoteWorld says:

Lucky boy 1:39 Joy is the sexiest!

fharve harve says:

Hi, I have been going to Thailand for 14 years and really enjoyed watching
your holiday pics with a great music score to put me in a cruise mood!
Your friends seem a great crowd of guy’s who are respectful and friendly
which goes a long way in having fun out there.
I would use your clip to advertise the beauty and happiness Thailand can
bring anyone with the right attitude.

Petrovics Lacko says:

ne mennyen senki pattayara mert sok a kutya hahahahaha hülye skandináv

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