Pattaya Thailand — Everybody is Looking for Something

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Pattaya, Thailand, where the world comes for sun, fun and merriment.



One word Hepititis c one of these bitches gave it to me ………………….I was lucky my friend got Aids from one of these bitches

CNS21 says:

Ping pong show??

chuck arcangelo says:

Maybe it's just me but the people and girls don't seem as friendly as in the phillipines

ricardo avelino says:

Great video and keep up the good work. Can I ask what type of camera gear are you using? GoPro? Canon? I like how your camera adjusts to low light in dark . Is this hand held or are you wearing some type of harness? I'm hoping to go to Thailand and I like to get a good camera that can do what yours does. I'm not a vologger I just want a good camera for my memories.

kidfall1 says:

Those women and wives on walking street on holiday-so called aren't prostitutes but best believe they will always have their heads on swivel looking for the bigger better deal. If you got money or ur famous just watch how quick the unavailable become available- all bullshit in the end. Who cares what women think…she is exactly what we think she is.

Beduhi Berwari says:

another nice vlog and video but why didnt you take that girl with u home and pay her some monye,!

Moy2005 says:

Married guy at 3:20 lol

Gareth Matthewson says:

I seen someone said you'd be the next bangkok 112 not a patch on him there's more to Pattaya than walking street zzzzz and his videos are a 100% better

MilesDei says:

Why did that girl flip you off? Are you getting a bit of a reputation? LOL

MilesDei says:

0:15 Gorgeous brunette in all gray, yumm.

Christov Bro says:


Chris Bosh says:

whats that tune at the first 3 seconds of the video man

prac2 says:

"How much you pay for me"
-"I pay for hotel"

LOL cheap charlie

SerenityNow says:


Israel T. says:

two matchsticks grow out of a bottom

Fidelity Quester says:

Hey C-Cube,
What is your order of importance?
01: shelter
02: food
03: water
04: booze (cheap)
05: hiding from friends and family back in America
06: Spending as little as possible
98: spending money on girls
99: working on my cameraman skills

planesrift says:

Those coyote girls are super cute.

Brummie Brink says:

still a good video cheap charlie

Wilco says:

So much lady,s So many time. Been there 13 times already.think around the 70 girls have go with. Only good friends,not boom 555.

paul jordan says:

Hey CCC, what's shakin'? I think that I finally saw the JustFashion place in a video while it was still open. Hope you are well, be patient, your channel will grow. PS- U DA MAN!!!!!!!!

Ash Finkter says:

1:24 … Charming LOL

Hari Om says:

too many Indians….This shows sex ratio in India

Douglas Joo says:

u got room n board and u only pay for hotel?

Kirk Wilson says:

The fact that you think a ring on a finger means anything shows you havent been around a non hooker bar scene very much. I can guarantee you that every night in every city married women are having sex with random and non random dudes. Also some women put a ring there to show a guy that they arent interested in him.

Yuvraj Singh says:

meet you tonight

JaykePC ✩ says:

1:26, gives me the finger, lets follow her.. lmfao, you crack me up dude. Keep em coming.

elk pants says:

Your covert camera work is getting better and better.

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