Pattaya Walking Street and GoGo Bars September 2014 [HD]

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Pattaya Walking Streets Famous GOGO Bars and Nightlife 2014

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rich b says:

I was into that ass, then you get married and the first time the wife
stinks up the bathroom, you forget all about that ass.

DarkprinceCs says:

Go to the bar at 5:22 its the best bar. The sign says so.

Huevonious Maximus says:

Good video. I liked these type of videos where you can actually hear the
sounds of the place. Is nice to see the Moon Bar open again, sad to hear
Nirvana being murdered at 8:30 but hey, there where people there listing.
Thanks for the upload. 

Todd Vernard says:

great video keep up the good work

Wilco de Gids says:

I am there again now from 15 December until 1 January,party time

FRA Spotting says:

So Süss Die frauen 

stlouder fine says:

i like light bikini good idea

Jhun Hoe Leong says:

wow nirvana cover! !

Konrad Fleming says:

Hiv aids capital of Asia pattaya

MrDutchy187 says:

this aint September 2014… not that it matters but this is more late
2013/early 2014

danny skinny says:

i want white girl ! how much ?

Konrad Fleming says:

Does this venue back pattaya pilice to stay open and how much , and how
much cash do the police get .

faizal azmi says:

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