Pattaya Walking Street – July 2018

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Pattaya Walking Street – July 2018

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A video of a stroll up Walking Street, Pattaya. I arrived around 11pm and had a look at some of the many changes of bars from the last few months…

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Start of Walking Street
0:51 Tourist Police checkpoint
1:55 Taboo bar
2:31 Skyfall bar
2:58 Rock Street live music bar
3:28 Bliss Agogo
4:13 Mandarin Agogo
4:52 Panda Agogo (new)
5:17 Simon Beer bar complex
5:44 Girl from Miami Club with impossibly tight shorts
6:35 Stars Club (new)
6:57 Fahrenheit Agogo
8:05 Iron Club
9:37 Eden Agogo (new)
11:11 Nui’s Club 2 & Glass House Agogo
12:57 Lucifer Disco and Muzzik cafe
13:20 Palace Agogo
13:47 Atlantis Agogo (new)
14:35 Tantra Agogo
15:39 Bypass Agogo – girls trying to snag some overpaying Asian customers
17:28 Baccara Agogo
19:22 Galaxy Gentleman’s club & Pier Disco
20:10 LB freelancers
23:03 Living Dolls Agogo
23:28 ‘Lady in Red’ :)
23:53 African freelancer bar
24:51 ibar and insomnia, the most popular freelancer clubs in Pattaya
25:06 Hot Tuna rock bar & a nice Gary Moore cover
26:01 Outro

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Outro song
Termite Infested White Picket Fence – Tomove


ecke1010 says:

Lol I've been to that african freelancer bar and a friend found a girl there, then her friend started stalking me and I had to flee on a moto taxi to get rid of her.

Carlos Velez says:

Nice video thanks for the update.

Cactus Pete says:

What's with the Middle Eastern men hanging all over each other? Maybe it's because the women are forced to wear burkas so they have some pent up sexual frustration? Strange.

DB Cooper says:

Walking Street prices are definitely not "cheaper than back home" as the spruikers on the various Pattaya boards keep harping. 1500 Baht barfine for the greedy bar owner, 3000 ST with a star fish Issan princess, say 500 for drinks and we up to 5000 Baht = 150USD = 115GBP = 200AUD

Leandro Ribeiro says:

Nice black lady in 23:56.

stephen watson says:

2nd from the right Skyfall ,very nice .

Goran Gambler says:

Looks pretty empty, low season kicking in

Future BuyZ says:

ill be in pattaya aug 8-15 then bangkok 16-24 then full moon party 25-28, then chiang mai 29-sept 5. would really like to meet up with you man just to chat and have a draft beer or 2, no homo. i've watch every single one of your videos. if not then maybe if i see a guy with a camera drinkng beer then its u

Jeffrey Just says:

Great video. Love the "let's see the recent changes" format.  Thanks BKK.  I need to re-watch and write down the number of questions this video made me have.  But, for now I have a "have you ever" question… so… Have you ever seen a Freelance get stopped on her way to a club and get picked-up before she ever gets to her destination?  Some of the girls walking through the street were fabulous!!

Lei Cao says:

May going there this month. Great videos

Tom Mills says:

Lets hope the answer to the tight shorts fashion dying out question is a resounding never!

p Feeley says:


gmv12345 says:

6:04 , that arched back though…now, on four….just wondering…

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