Pattaya – We will Rock You

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Pattaya Girls – We will Rock You, 2016

I haven’t done a night montage video for a while. I found a nice remix recently so here is a Pattaya Hot Girls video.

If you ever hear this song in the bars around Pattaya the girls always change the ‘Rock’ to ‘F*ck’ ;)

Most guys will never forget their first trip to Pattaya, and the hot girls go out of their way to ‘Rock You’ and make every visit memorable ;)

Most of these clips are from July / August 2016 and all are (or will be included) in other videos.

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WE WILL ROCK YOU (Dance with the Dead Remix)
NB. If there is any problem with the use of this song please email and it will be removed immediately.

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DoubleEszpresszo says:

1:50 Excellent editing there, not the classic jump cut but along similar lines in terms of effect. Try that again if you can.

LVdude says:

nice make more videos like this! with all pretty girls in it, that's what people are looking for in your video pretty much. at least I am lol. put all the butt, nice girls, tits etc in one that would be awesome. will get a lot of hits

Richard12384 says:

Those Girls Will Knock You're Ass Out!

thabos8 says:

a silly question, what rendition of we will rock you is this?

rickylee86 says:

At 1:30 did he try to pull her underwear down? lol.

RomanianWarrior1966 says:

Bangkok , your videos are getting better and better then ever , many thanks for your hard and contribution into the Mongering World of Thailand

Itsp3rsonal says:

Awesome mash up dude you have the touch.

timmy hillsdon says:

love ur videos so pumped for pattaya nov 22:p

Terry Wiebe says:

Fantastic video!!

Mich Ches says:

Queen sucks.

Mustafa Ali says:

A retro music with good compilation video on Pattaya. Just love it! Good job….

Meziana Thai says:

At 02:56 : mama mia !!!!!!

Meziana Thai says:

Hi, wooow !!! Very Great video. It's a pleasure. Thank you.

danny collingwood says:

music sucks man..First time ever Bangkok 112 you disappointed with this sick music…

Teddy Love says:

yeah, at the end, they will rock u. (in all aspects) xD
i talk about money. – slavebitch.

Brummie Brink says:

great video, bangkok 112

joel F. says:

Sky Fall is one of my Favorites on the walking Street.

Otto Gonzalez says:

cant get enough of that pole dancer 😂😂 she will surely rock u 😅😂

sabara1984 says:

Hell Yeah !! U make again an amazing video + amazing song !! Please dont stop it !! Cant wait for the next one !! Regards

rtl2002 says:

Don't go anywhere, ladies, I'll be there soon.

Steve potts says:

Good one!!!

Kevin Newell says:

Great track. OMG I love Thai girls. Wicked!!!

007blueyonder says:

That reminded me of the Rude Boy video…top notch!!

Treemoonstar Wildflower says:

red point bar still going strong

geo sphere says:

Awesome. Captured the atmosphere right there.

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