Phuket Dreaming Season 2 – Episode 1 – “Thai Style” (On location at Phuket Top Team)

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In the second Season premiere Phuket Dreaming We spend some time in Phuket with Muay Thai Legend Lerdsilla and Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn Training, Shooting guns and Fighting Chickens.

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tricepsish says:

Wouldn’t mind to see some more form Rob Lisita… guy’s a savage 

mario monzon says:

Love these videos can’t wait to back to phuket top team.

bitchuknowbetter says:

Excellent editing and BMG, like the reggae, really compliments the Islands
atmosphere in the daytime and the intro music, giving it a somewhat 90s

A bit of Lisita every ep wouldn’t hurt, he’s like the Australian version of
Renato Laranja except he doesn’t wear off cos that’s really him, lol.

Minowalock says:

Eel is a damn G

dkoli says:

Junne browning, hope hes sorted his life out! I remember TUF

KingsleyZ says:

Wasn’t down for the cockfighting part at all..

TopShelf says:

Fucking incredible!

Daryl Bush says:

Anyone know the name of the last song?

MrJ666c says:

Music is like bloodsport/kickboxer1!

Andy James Alban says:

I kinda wanted to to know who won the cock fight. 

david21ss says:

Best martial art series out there eeeeeeeasy

Omiilex Cruz says:

how can i join the team ? am 5´9 tall and 150pounds´´

KunLehane says:

quality show!

Cheryl Sheets says:

i totally subscribed

Adela Popovici says:

your videos are amazing you should make a movie

Patrick Simon says:

i like the documentaries nice work!!!!grezz from germany

snausegman says:

junie browining oh god I hope he isn’t there when I come……..

Andrew R. Silas says:

i like ur movies ;D add pls

Ava says:

You deserve a lot more views than you have.

Clace1971 says:

i like ur movies ;D add pls

christopher~ says:

What an amazing video!

Brighton Badboy says:

This was awesome guys keep the vids coming.. Great music, editing and
insight into the fighters

Carol says:

thumbs up the video if you think he should be more famous and have more
views and subscribe

Antonella says:

I love your videos man! you got my sub.

นําฝน นิลชาติ says:

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