Phuket Nightlife – Patong Night Scenes – 2016

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Phuket Nightlife – Patong Night Scenes, Thailand 2016

Footage all taken at Patong, Phuket. This is a mixture of walking parts, bars, and general street scenes that didn’t make it into the Patong VLOG video series.

Feel free to skip around the parts from this video:

0:00 Bangla Road, early evening
3:23 Soi Sansabai
4:06 Bangla Road inc. some show pole dancers
7:11 Cabaret Ladyboys
9:57 Walking to the beach side of Bangla Road
12:22 More pole dancing clips
17:25 Looking out from the Seduction Nightclub terrace
19:10 Tai Pan Nightclub

Bangkok112 night scene videos are different from the VLOGs in that there is no music added, the comments are fewer, plus the footage is largely unedited and not all taken on the same night.

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Rusty Shackelford says:

Can you pull one of those pole dancing girls down and pay to sucky sucky? Do they do that?

D “M60power” campbell says:

The girl? or ladyboy at 11:55 is cool! also what's a freelancer?

pitchou1971 says:

18:19 she could have been beaten so badly for that bad attitude.

Chris Brown says:

I'm not into the ladyboys, but 17:17 nearly sways me.

Jerry Adams says:

thank you,continue

Ninjaroo88 says:

13:08 no young boyfriend tonight? ;)

Flick Calhoon says:

Played fine Keith.
I was there in the 70s and 80s on business.
I was then told last week it had not changed over much apart from the costs going up. LOL.

wazzas888 says:

Wouldn't like to be drunk and stagger into the bikes and knock them all lol.

Hank Moody says:

11:55 Very nice how much?

wolfgang gruberschnickel says:

112–excellent job capturing the nightly circus that is Bangla. where do you stay? i've stayed in hotels at the front of walking street (off main road) and then at the back end (off beachside). also–would like to know….where did you carried your cash that was stolen by Lao girl–wallet or luggage? that bit of info may help me.

ATrain11809 says:

Best. Outtro. Ever.

Tony Mitchell says:

I've watched every one of your videos and given them all a hearty thumbs up!

CF Moto Z8 says:

Who are the Babes in yellow dancing in the club at 19:27?

CF Moto Z8 says:

Some great talent there! Especially the amazing pole dancers! I wonder how much they'd charge for the night?

Okaythen001 says:

need more hot girls

Kennie MusicLovers says:

Is really a beach entertainment destination worth visiting every year….I miss this place for a few years now. I want to go this year !

FreeThinker040 says:

18:40 How can you present this to the tourists who pay more than enough money to come to Phuket… TIT!

FreeThinker040 says:

17:22 = Hanii Qz (Ladyboy).

FreeThinker040 says:

16:38 camera guy spots yoga pants lol.

FreeThinker040 says:

3:35 Holy shit, Soi Sansabai even got busier with parking… 3 years ago it had like 50% less motorbikes.

Jeff D says:

Can someone tell me, if your there a few weeks, going out at night to the bars, do you have to always have your passport with you or can you leave it at the hotel your at?

Jamie Barnes says:

Any one of those pole dancers can dance on my pole anytime LOL

Timothy Littlefield says:

bangkok 112 it true that short men are look at diffence i.m 5 feet 2inch am i going to have a hard time in pattaya

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