Phuket Street Food 2017: The Best Thai Street Food in Phuket Thailand. Phuket Night Market

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The Best Thai Street Food in Phuket Thailand. Phuket Street Food 2017: Phuket Night Market.
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Phuket Thailand is a great place for eating Thai street food, with heaps of options on offer. This video is a guide to the best Thai street food in Phuket, where to find it & what to eat. There are all sorts of barbequed & fried foods as well as loads of seafood, soups, salads & fresh fruit available at the Phuket night markets.

The Phuket night markets in this video are:
1) Phuket Weekend Market (Naka Market): Open on Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm till 10pm. Google Maps coordinates: 7.881165, 98.366173
2) Phuket Town Walking Street Night Market: Open on Sundays from about 4pm till 10pm. Google Maps coordinates: 7.884661, 98.390704

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You’ll find Thai street food on many street corners in Phuket, be it in Patong, Karon, Kata or Phuket Town and at all of the markets. Thai street food has taken many influences from Chinese food so you’ll find many familiar flavours. There is a different night market every night of the week in Phuket. Thai food markets and night markets are one of the best places to buy fresh and authentic Thai food while you travel in Thailand. There are loads of Thai food markets & night markets all over Thailand. At the markets you’ll find so much Thai cuisine on offer & the food here is cheap, and so tasty! And in case you’re worried, eating Thai street food is safe. It’s what the locals eat and it is cooked fresh and sold quickly. I’ve been eating it nearly daily since I moved to Thailand in April, 2012 and my friends who have been to visit and tour Thailand have all eaten it, and none of us have had any problems. Thai street food is some of the best Thai food you’ll find in Thailand!

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The markets in Thailand are also a great place to get an insight into Thai culture while you travel in Thailand. You can shop alongside the locals and learn what they buy and eat. And the markets are a great place to try traditional Thai street foods, learn Thai recipes and cooking, as well as eat some of the best Thai dishes in Thailand. You’ll see the people cooking the food right in front of you. And best of all, the food is cheap, often much cheaper than eating in a Thai restaurant. Eating at markets is a good way to eat cheap on your Thailand holidays.

Make sure you check out some Thai Food Markets on your trip to Thailand, and be sure to sample some of the amazing Thai street food that’s available in Thailand! If you want to try some of the most delicious food in the world be sure to visit Thailand!

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TheSpritz0 says:

DARREN- Did you get to try one of those delicious grilled Mantis shrimps yet??

aseel breen says:

I enjoyed your vlog, but next time ask the people that will be featuring in your other videos to SMILE a little bit :)

Dan sanderson says:

Great Vids Darren, can you tell me the name of the music played at the beginning of this video, Thanks

Susan One and only says:

Another fab vid thanks for sharing Darren

Craig Prince says:

Hi Darren, you really spoilt us again in this video showing us the very best street food that Phuket has to offer. It was a never ending journey of yummy Thai food and sweets. Another great thing i really love about your videos is every week you make us feel like that we ( your 21,000 Subs ) are right there with, you, Aorn & Ananda having a good time and soaking up all the markets atmosphere. It’s like one giant party every Wednesday. Thank you and a big thumbs up to you mate from all of us here in Perth, Western Australia

เวียง วิราวดี says:

Hi Darren I'm jealous with all the food you are tasting.

Mich Ches says:

The Thais look like they really enjoy their cook outs. Nice video looks yummy and fun.

Larry Fournillier says:

Yet another awesome video! Darren, your videos always make me hungry. :) The street market is awesome and some superb editing! Btw, what camera are you using?

MA H0202 says:

Good job as always. You are getting more professitionally in presentation

Preeti Kaur says:

You son is just too cute. Love his spirit.

taewachien says:

Thanks for another great video. I love to see all the different people as well as your family having a nice night out.

Missy B says:

watched 3 in a row and now I am starving LOL…everything looked delish in this one. Thai omelets YUM…I order Egg Fu Yung all the time cuz it's a chinese omelet to me. Thanks Darren…gotta go eat now!

แดนนี่ ดั้มส้ says:

Awesome video vlogg as usual 👍🏻
Those fish sausages is something i never saw before,they look very yummy


4 days to go and ill be tasting that food instead of licking my tv screen, There is a muslim food market at Kalim beach that i will visit first, Taste buds at the ready.

Delonte is my daddy says:

When are you gonna go to different part of thailand? Bangkok, E-sarn , up north, perhaps.

viewagraham says:

Every Wednesday only one word for me …. Hungry…. “Darren u making me hungry 😋”

โปล์ ดั้มส์ says:

Gread video,looks real Professional and very clear on ipad,,good streetfood vlogg ,the fish soup looks delicious,,wel i like all the food i did see on your clip,,,,,good vlogg again ,so 👍up Darren,

Plumpy says:

I will be going here next weekend. Too busy atm. But still got 5 months here so I have time. Thanks for the upload, it was very helpful and entertaining. I was in Krabi last weekend. I will go back in 3-4 weeks. It was really beautiful.

Cristian Liviu says:

Very nice videos. I watched you all the filming . Greetings from Romania !!

Ian M says:

Your videos always make me hungry

James Fong says:

Looks so good especially the seafood *******you can surely carry the conversation locally ****is there a specific street map / app to locate these night markets?….james

Syajar Shafie says:

Hallo from Malaysia. Hi Darren. More halal foods review please.🙏🙏🙏🙏

maritess p says:

All I can say is yummy food 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

finnturk1 says:

Wow just wow🤤🤤🤤🤤

Keith Burns says:

Totally mouth watering, great camera work Darren.

Eh Mu Ra says:

the food is everything that i need

lingo starr says:

Great stuff Daz!

Brenda Benoît Dudley says:

Love this video, very informative, lovely food. Are you using a different camera?

Thai Food Guy says:

nice Darren – that was definitely the best filming so far… You covered the heck out of that market!

des goulding says:

Thanks for sharing mate hope you and family are well take care

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