Phuket Thailand 2019 Are Tourist numbers Falling ???

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Join me as we take a look around at some of the tourist spots on the very well known island of Phuket, with recent reports in the media stating that Phuket is no longer as popular as it used to be and is now seeing a down turn with a lot of business suffering but is this true or is Phuket just seeing a different type of tourist visiting its shores with different requirements ?
we will be taking a look at Chalong and Rawai where a lot of the boat trips run from before moving on to Nai Harn, Kata, Karon and of course Patong.


Thailand Tony says:

Hi Everyone, I have noted that I may have slightly 😮over used the word “GUYS” in this video my apologies I shall try and correct this in the future. I guess that what happens when you don’t recheck the video several times before upload 😂

Sam Wilko says:

Lived there (Phuket) for 20 years. Phuket is not Thailand in the same way that Amsterdam is not Holland. It took me an hour to drive the 17 km into work! Madness.

bunny pong says:

I’ve friends in Phuket with tourist businesses and they all claim what you noted saying tourism is down down down. With Thai government making visas and long term staying more difficult for farangs, the options to go to easier oversea Asian places to stay is a no brainier. Well done Thai government…you screwed local Thai people and businesses!

World Trotter Here and Beyond says:

Thanks for the good insights. I learned new things.

Da Eel says:

The price double for visitors in Thailand for every thing you pay 100% taxi, hotels, woman, drinking, food, message ect must be carful

Da Eel says:

YES thailand is very expensive now small room in Phuket I paid 22000 bht for 28 days and paid 400 bht per day for motorcycle and taxi charge non Thai zitizen double price must be carful and food cost nearly price of UK lol and one more thing what ever you do DO NOT GO ROUND THAI WOMAN COST YOU ALOT THEN YOU WILL LOST WHAT EVER MONEY YOU GOT MOST OF WORKING WOMAN IN THAILAND THEY GIVE YOU SMILE AND EVERY SECOUND OF THE SMILE COST YOU WOW ALOT

aundrea caisse says:

Great video! You have me a little nervous. Going for the 1st time in 3 wks! Hope it's not as dirty and scandalous as the comments suggest. I will be so devastated. I do also have 3 nights planned in Ko phi phi don and 1 night in Krabi. I hope we have a good time.

Peter Pen says:

Nice video. Nice footage. Thanks for sharing

jewel tosim says:

Try visit the Philippines first then campare to other asian countries. Philippines has more than 7,000 islands. How many islands thailand has? Watch the videos of foreign Youtubers and decide for yourself

Jo Laurantus says:

Agree with many other commentors, Phuket has become more expensive particularly noticable in the last couple of years. I noticed alot of Russian tourists when there. Also Patong beach is filthy. Otherwise Phuket is still a great place for a holiday.

Cheh Sookhean says:

Dili,Timor Leste former Portuguese enclave

BT S says:

600 bhat for a tuktuk from Patong to Kata? Lol yeah right.

Andy Fairuz says:

hi tony, can i know is there any island hopping package sell in patong..and how much is the price..and is maya bay still close for tourist??

Jeab Easy in my life says:

I'm Thai people but never go there i see your video and i have plan to go some day and thanks for make this video 😊😊😊

Robaldo Martizano says:

Italy's better!

dhanesh ramdial says:

I love bangkok . Can't wait to go back .

JJ S says:

The exchange rate deal has not effected the US dollar to Thai Baht exchange rate. The rate is virtually the same as ten years ago. Its been very steady. It was 32 baht to the dollar in 2010 and its the same now.

Lennart Olsson says:

It's not fun when they try to "robb" your money. We are working very hard to get to thailand but it's sometime more expensiv then europe. NO, Phuket have see me fore the last time!!! Okej til the prices go down

mike pemerhati bebas says:

tourist increase in phuket coz to many scammer….

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