Phuket Thailand, Dont over stay your Visa.

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The Detention Center was a walk in the park compared to the holding cells at the court house,60-80 blokes in one holding cell waiting to confront the judge for Sentencing.
60 percent with shackles and a big thick chain connected to there ankles, Scary shit when your the only foreigner not knowing what is coming next for you..
Lucky for me i got out alive and unharmed in any way…
The boss prisoner a lifer i would say even shared a cigarette with me..I said as little as possible and asked no questions,i felt 1/2 A % safe now but still didnt look at anyone.
But my first thoughts when he called me over to him,Come my friend,I could instantly see the chains getting wrapped around my neck until it broke my neck or i got strangled to death.After one day of this hell i payed 1000 Bht and loaded onto a truck with Burmese guys to be transported to the detention center,,,NO blanket,no mat,just dirty tiled floor,,never slept more then 2 winks in three weeks.
But only had myself to blame….Don,t overstay your visa in any country.


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