Phuket Thailand Pt6, James Bond Island & Canoeing, Khao Phing Kan, Travel Vlog

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Travel Phuket Thailand, Pt(6/8). James Bond Island tour and canoeing. Khao Phing Kan is a pair of islands in Thailand, in the Phang Nga Bay. In 1974 it was featured in the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”, so is popularly called James Bond Island. We stayed at the Siam Palm Residence luxury apartments.
Travelled with my friend D. We hired some locals as tour guides and translators at the start of the trip. Thai people are very nice and many spoke English in tourist areas. As long as you respect the local culture and be polite they will take care of you.

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The 5 main travel tips:
1. Don’t drink the local water, try stick to bottled or boiled water only.
2. Be careful where you eat. Food poisoning is common with unsanitary kitchens or improperly cooked food. Especially old sea food. Check it is a clean place before you order food.
3. Do NOT buy illicit drugs! Besides being illegal and very bad for your health, usually it will be a set-up or scam by the local police, or a gang. You will get arrested and have to pay a huge fine, end up in jail for real, or be threatened and robbed by a local gang.
4. Don’t do jet skis. There was a popular scam of jet ski gangs extorting tourist, claiming you damaged the jet ski after hiring it. They would then threaten and intimidate you until you paid up. Ask around about what the current scams, and local gangs to be aware of. A couple of friends did do jet ski’s without any trouble though.
5. Don’t be afraid to haggle and negotiate prices, but be polite and respectful. Shop around to get an idea of the market prices. You can always go back to that vendor or seller later.

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