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We took a trip in thailand high season from Phuket to James Bond Island and Muslim floating village. James bond island is famous tourist destination in Phang Nga Bay. This area is a popular destination for tourist activities such as sailing and kayaking. Most of tours to James Bond Island coming with a visit for seafood lunch at the charming Koh Panyee, which is a nearby Muslim fishing village floating in the ocean.




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Nice to meet you guys ! we are Jimmy and Tah, mixed traveling couple from America and Thailand. We met in 2015 in South Korea when Jimmy was in US army and Tah studied for bachelor degree. In 2017, September, we both fully quitted the job, started traveling and creating this channel. We create content and upload almost everyday ( you can expect to see at least 5 videos per week ) , providing you guys traveling tips, review of each destination we have been to. You will also see how it is like traveling and living as a mixed couple as we think it is quite challenging in terms of cultural difference ( and so many difference lol ) ! Hope you guys join us along the journey by subscribe to our channel :…

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Divert Living says:

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Jimmy and Tah

Albert Jr Hunt says:

Awwww very sweet Jimmy 😉😉😉

Dante Salazar says:

brown thai sea water,means polluted

Stephen Hornak says:

James Bond Island that's funny they call it that. But I do remember it from The Man With The Golden Gun. Pretty there but with all those people kinda takes away form the beauty.

Frazer Hatyai Loves Thailand says:

haha, funny intro in this vid. Phuket can be hell or heaven, depending on where you stay. I lived in Rawai for a year and loved it there. still one of my favourite places in Thailand. used to love running round Naiharn lake on a morning

lauriL90 says:

Was there last month, took a speedboat tour. Amazing, but would be so much better if they would ban chinese tourists LOL

Richard Garrington says:

Very good content and really like the videos 👍🏻

suk meenuch says:

Are there many Chinese tourists in Phuket now? I've heard from the news that this year it's a favorite destination for them.

Octavio Octavius says:

It's beautiful! So many people though. Maybe its better to go in the off-season.

Tim n Joy Gray says:

Your vlogs keep getting better! It would be great if Dad took your camera and start vlogging. Lol

socal benny says:

Your dad is starting to enjoy his vacation. He's so funny. I bet he's down to earth.

Stephen Brown says:

Nice view but the water bit…….

Deanna Troy Travels says:

Great vid! My boyfriend and I went to Phuket last year but we didn't end up going to the James Bond Island, so I'm glad I got to see it on your vlog! Haha. Mostly we just hung out on the beaches. The beaches were so beautiful there! Haha again, nice vid! And I love your pink sunglasses!! 💖😎🌸

Somewheredoingstuff says:

beenbusy had not time to watch everyday. maybe next trip i try island stuff

Jonnie Candaza says:

…oh my…that walk up the hotel stairs….so funny…hahaha…

Travellers Relish says:

Hahaha perfect ending 😂😂. I have a feeling Jimmys dad is hilarious in person. As for the tour looks pretty crowded but I would still do it If we came there. Looks interesting

Jamesyboy Experiment - Travel Channel says:

We wanted to visit James Bond on our last trip to Thailand but heard it was so busy!! Food looked good though!🙂

FransenOrvilleWorld (#PinoyCH) says:

2:09 LOL what does it feel like putting his finger there?

Bizzy World says:

WOW it's so packed there! Still on the list though 😋

paannee polden says:

Let's Dad put the Fingle for what? But look funney haha 😂😆

Daniel Williams says:

Always so busy there

Jason Vectrex says:

Definitely looked really crowded, but still nice!

Jeff Solomon says:

Pops did a duck walk and i think that was funny! You ended this vlog well.

pyr8at40 says:

i get cutting costs….but a coke and water? and great penguin waddle DAD!!!!

Daniel&Naz says:

what was the hole in the rock about? ^^ looked super busy but you guys always manage to make fun and exciting vlogs ^^ N

stanis mlscc says:

I describe the color of the ocean yellow

Rondon Brown says:

Its great to be part of your journey through thailand.your culture mixture works so well on film.
You 2 rock as a post alot of vlogs but each one ticks all the boxes x😙

Chris Laguido says:

This particular trip is stifling you both Jimmy and tha I think,but some of the scenes are oberwealming, your dad looks like he's having a ball.dont think he will want to go home haha😂,think tha is a superb narrator with her cute thaiglish 😇

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