Real Indian food in Delhi – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay travels to Delhi to sample real Indian food and see how it compares to the English version we’re used to. He samples food at one of India’s most famous restaurants, the Moti Mahal. From Gordon’s Great Escape.

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Little Harold says:

Gordon Rammsau ;)

Garima Prashar says:

Tf is up with the background music? Are these people freal?

HylomantisLemur says:

I like Englian food. I also like "Real" Indian food. Good food is good food.

General Zodd says:

It's all home cooked food that's cheap to make you do not need to become lazy and go to a restaurant unless your brainless and lazy

leeham991 says:

Absolutely love India.

As a British patriot I see India as part of my culture, and I must say I find many, many more Indians who support me politically than I find native Britons. You say that what the British empire built is amazing, and you get 200 Million indians get behind you saying "We are great! India is amazing! Britain is amazing! Our cultures are locked together and both are sublime apart and sublime together!"

Native Britons seem to think it's racist to love India and Britain and the whole mash of culture which was produced when India was a country in the UK union. I know more Indians with Queen Elizibeth in photograph in their living room than I know Briton.

People should learn it is culture than it important, not skin colour.

culturecypher says:

is there any curries that are similar to butter chicken apart from korma??

Martin Mairhofer says:

Gordon Ramsay the best

Pavle NSSBeatz says:

My man i was weak when he said bloody hell hahahah

Nabajyoti Das says:

That is north indian food.. Not REAL indian food..

meRyanP says:

Possibly the hottest Indian I have ever seen.

Coco Pops says:

The lady is all made up just like women in other countries. It isn't about colour or hair or w.e. It's about how well the face goes together. She is ok but not the greatest looker there are way more beautiful women in Asia.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C says:

If cream was not used in that butter chicken, then what is giving it that creamy colour and consistency? I think she was referring to the OVERUSE of cream in British Indian food but I don't think that was her saying that cream NEVER gets used in Indian curries inside India. Because if cream was not used in that butter chicken, then I would be very surprised.

Tyrant Kragith says:

Tikka is from Glasgow not India.

YangSing1 says:

I don't care what anyone says. The curries you get in the UK are the bomb.

hunclemike says:

I eat strictly ethnic food when I eat out (I live in the US) and always wonder whether the Indian food, Vietnamese food, Thai food is similar to how it's prepared in those countries. I have always lived by the idea that if the Indian place is filled with Indian families and they are all speaking the native language, then it can't be that far off. I am compelled to eat Indian this evening…..that looked so delicious. Best Indian I have ever had was in Amsterdam by the way but have never been to the UK so….

Muhd Hamizan says:

Meanwhile in Africa….

Virtual Advertising Columbia says:

I love Indian food.

Michael Giraldo says:

what it must be like to have all the money in the world to just travel and eat all the amazing culture everywhere. thats all I wanna do. look at unique shit all over the world and eat unique shit all over the world. except korean chocolate bars. jesus that was painful

S Lee says:

Bring anti diarrhea medication!!!!

Hamza Tahir says:

I personally dont really believe in such thing as Indian cuisine or Paki cuisine, I just name the cuisine by region, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Sindh, Kashmir, Bengal, etc. and by religion, like Muslim punjabis eat quite different variations of dishes than Sikh Punjabis etc.

zimThuet says:

that's pretty much the same with every food. ppl like to copy stuff, yet they almost never get it even 80% right. biggest bad copy that comes to mind right now: "italian" pizza in the USA, especially in NYC. 
compare the bad copying of italian food with the sensationalism and the need to let the world know how good they are and you pretty much know why a big part of the world ignores/smiles at the americans when it comes to food for example. 

my story took a turn but you know what i'm saying..

Lasa says:

Gordon if your reading this, Thanks for the inspiration, Your enthusiasm for food is just contagious!

vishal patole says:

real indian food in delhi….thats a overstatement

Siddharth Bafna says:

Gordon is king

Anew1008 says:

Doesnt mean its good !

MAxwell Yin says:

Indian food is amazing, I just love all the spices they use. Cannot live without a bowl of nice curry for more than ten days.

Captain Howdy says:

ill just go eat fake indian now cause thats all im going to get

Lingo Kingo says:

Obviously for the lady, "UK style of Indian food is OBVIOUSLY not similar to that of Delhi or Indian food in general." That's like claiming all of Sicily has the best Italian pizza, but your too ignorant to realize Florence and Venice are claimed the same way."
UK style or American style food is cultivate to their pallets and taste preference. And the reason why this food is in American and the UK are because foreigners used whatever they could to enjoy the food they missed from their countries. Its is not our fault that has beckome popularized and made millions in the U.S. but also keep in mind their are American version style food that are also enjoyed in India as well, McDonald, KFC, Burger King, In and Out, White Castle, Pizza Hut, etc. 
This lady really needs to get off her high horse and pull her head outta of her A##!

ted mills says:

The sound is out of sync for me, anybody else?

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