Relaxing Blues Blues Music 2015 Vol 3

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Relaxing Blues Blues Music 2015 Vol 3

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Silvia Terigi says:

A road towards Peace…a great level peacefulness which leds to embrace the
inner feelings that make us happy. Music is inside of ourselves and You
know this powerful feeling and mix ….just Outstanding .Thank U♡♡☆☆☆☆

giuseppe malinverni says:

ok bello è possibile avere l’elenco dei brani

mammolog1 says:

на заставке есть 2 несоответствия; 1 – огонек сигарет горит ярко, девушка
делает затяжку, но!!! щеки её не втянуты как при затяжке!!!!!!
2-ое: ветер раскидывает локоны волос девушки, но дым от сигарет поднимается
вверх прямо?!!!!!
Но музыка при этом очень классная!!!!!!!!

paul dupré says:

O:) <3 <3 ** Love ** <3 <3 O:) 

Silvia Terigi says:

Wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Rick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no words
!!!!!! just music ,,,,,, let it plays lll

Michele Campobasso says:

This is epic, can you please add the track list with timings? It would be
Thanks for your job mate!

Jeff Robinson says:

Musical Medication!! I’ve tried searching for the wallpaper attached on
Vol. 3. and have been unable to locate it. Can you please help me find

sonja blomvik says:

Thanks its Awesome mix, love it !!!!!!!!!

CORRE Yan says:
Franz Kaser says:

Great Blues Music!!!!!!!!!!!!

Val Wilde says:

Someone posted a link to this and I am so glad I followed it ….. just my
kind of music

John Brigham says:

Awesome mix thanks

heri abuhanif says:

love it , track list please…..

Lucho Foyth says:

1:51:46 Cual es el nombre de la cancion?

ProfJB JB says:


Klaidas Targonskas says:

Nice :). Could you tell me what song is at 2:09:30

TheRemember9 says:

Who is singing Purple Rain?

sani198712bi says:

you know I play this on my bus last two weeks I work at sky resort in
Wyoming and drive a transit bus, and my dear thanks. This music relaxes me
and my passengers g creates great mood soooo hapy to find this mix and I
want to download I you can send me I link there is some parts where no WIFI
overall thankyou.

Guy Fuller says:

Hellmaker, you hit it out of the park……… Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniela Agres-Eloy says:

I do love it !

michael arias says:

it is just great

Jean-louis Assier says:
givemeabreakalready says:

Who is doing this Version of Rather Go Blind???? Fantastic!

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