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I spent a month at the Marina House in Pattaya, Thailand. Rather nice room for 15,000 baht a month. It is a little off the beaten path off of Soi Boukao/Soi 21 (The road where the Greek Taverna restaurant is), but way down the street almost down to Third Road. It is a quiet hotel (for Pattaya anyway), and at only $500 a month is very reasonable. The Marina House in Pattaya offers 24hr security, a pool, and keycard access. Electricity, water, WiFi, and maid service are INCLUDED in the price of the room.

It should be noted that the free WiFi is only available in the reception area. Room 101 was near reception, so I was able to use the free WiFi in my room, but this isn’t the case for all the rooms.


Oscar Arias says:

Note, the 15000bt a month INCLUDES Electric/Water/and daily maid service!
Not a bad place to stay. There is a bit of a walk as this building is
almost on 3rd Road (which is why I left it).



sparky276 says:

I realy liked this hotel, and the walk to soi buakhao is only a few
minutes,then you have soi lk metro another 5 minutes away.Have to say I
never realy noticed the light coming through the window when I stayed but
maybe that’s because I rarely got back to the hotel before 6.00am :) .Oh
the pool is quite small but nice.

Skip Rose says:

You’re a regular Sherlock Holmes on the duct tape residue trail! LOL

Oscar Arias says:

Review of Marina House #hotel in #pattaya #Thailand. #hotelreview. Very
inexpensive hotel, only $500 a month!

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