Review The March Hotel Pattaya, Great location for Soi Baukhao ! Vlog 350

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Here is a link to the March Hotel on Agoda, I am now an affiliate with agoda which means that if you book your stay through agoda on here i shall receive a small fee from them to help my channel.
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I am an expat living in Pattaya Thailand, I am showing you around Pattaya and parts of Thailand that i travel to and what these areas have to offer you whether on Holiday or an Expat living here !
Today i am reviewing the March Hotel in Pattaya and showing you exactly what it is like inside the rooms and it is in a good location for Soi Baukhao.


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roguemale TheOne&Only says:

I stayed at the march hotel last August/September.The hotel is probably one of the best places to stay in Pattaya.I got 2 weeks without breakfast for AUD$36 a night.My room attendant was attentive and enthusiastic with dealings with me.
Yes,the gym and pool were pleasant additions.
My only complaint was not with the march hotel but other hotels neighbouring it.They were full of Indians.Couldn't get a decent massage at any nearby parlors without groups of them strolling and demanding boom-boom.

Ian Cameron says:

Hi Kev just booked for a week in Feb looks good 👍

Ugur Duran says:

hello people KEV In THAI LAND

hotbananas 2 says:

Nice review, looks good this hotel. The gyms are always empty lol. Dont know that area , is it safe round there at night coz it looks a bit quiet.

Simon Curtis says:

The intro song is so funny

Si Manda says:

Tried booking but they don't offer free cancellation! If they did we would book 2 weeks over Xmas.

Kevin Mooney says:

Great video kev , looks good spot back over for Christmas and new year 🇹🇭🍺

Richie says:

Looks great, but has to be ladyboy friendly for me.

Dowlo says:

Thanks Kev, great review

Rex Stoneman says:

Any chance of hotel review of APRIL SUITE as going to be staying there next year…… many thanks …… REX ……

A Lil Kangaroo says:

Kevin, I'm desperate for a good massadgie video. What are the best places? And how much does it go for? My mate and me is comin from Oz and are gonna be interested in massadgies. Thanks mate

First step Investment says:

Keith Vincent – manager

gautham vasudev says:

Real-estate is all about 3 things Kev … location! Location!! Location!!!

Paal Erik Jensen says:

Is it GF hotel?

Paul says:

My mate stays there 20 pounds a night on some sites you can't get a beter place like that for the price and you can still walk too scooter bar. I'm surprised it's not allways full…

Dave Holt says:

Just got back from the March Hotel! Highly recommended! Really nice place, the pool is slightly heated and salt water. I really enjoyed it there.

larry burbridge says:

have you visited Silverlake Vineyard?  im coming over in march and reckon id like to see it if the wine is decent. I know there are some good wine bars in Rayong.

Travelling Trader says:

Hi mate as im one of you l9ng term subs can you please sub to me as im starting to build my own channel and anybody that wants to build theirs please sub to me and i will return the favour,im just startinv out so its trial and error at mo,thanks 😁

Graham Johnson says:

With all these hotels in the 800 to 1200 baht price range the rooms all seem to be very much the same, the difference just appear to be, location with or without breakfast room/restaurant, gym or swimming pool and age of building or refit. Never ever see anybody using gym in reviews except one person and only on one review have I seen anybody at pool, but subscribers/comments always seem to want them. Perhaps that's why it's only a small pool.

Daniel says:

Gotta love thailand, it’s laid back, they like enjoyment, friendly (from a foreigners point of view). Here I am in Britain, ok I can’t knock it for its achievements and greatness, but I do get fed up with the seriousness of it all from time to time!

Ozer Saat says:

This hotel would be guest friendly?

Timothy Steen says:

Hello Kev that hotel is very nice I really like that room Take Care Sir

RodentOf UnusualSize says:

7:00 pool not massive lol, there's an understatement if ever, I think my bath tub is bigger. Nice review.

InTerp Itation says:

isnt the Hidaway on soi 15?

Gareth Harper says:

Back there next week great hotel and excellent staff

jack jones says:

No listened to me and friends talking about this hotel and how great it was and has the best WiFi in any hotel in Pattaya as each room has there own WiFi as we sat in the breakfast place in soi buhako on a Wednesday morning

joeleo 1971 says:

My dear friend Kev I will be in Pattaya this week 15-19 and really like to meet you and have a couple of beers. My hotel is in Soi 7.

9402PAULR says:

I’m there Saturday can’t Wait 😍

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