Secret places in Pattaya – food, body massage, view points

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Pattaya, Thailand 2017. Special episode with some interesting places.
Video starts a the view point on Koh Larn island nearby Pattaya. Then I went to the Soho Town on Second Road. This is a clean good place where you can enjoy BBQ and seafood. Its located besides body massage parlors and Soi 1.

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Technoir – Botnit
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L. L. says:

The woman eating crab at 8:16 is Chinese, not Korean.

a64750 says:

Ain't a secret place any-more

Deepu Borah says:

They r fighting for their money.

Deepu Borah says:

Those two r fighting r Indian.

Aman hindustani says:

These two people are Pakistani or Indian Punjabi . . . . .lol . . . . They were talking in Thai language but when they abused I got to know their mother tongue ;) :p

Junaidi Padillah says:


Brummie Brink says:

great video, good filming, good work.

rustler says:

this video makes me smile at the morning time .. thank you .. i was stressfull mode before watch that :)

Art19 says:

1000 baht for a single crab leg? Is it king crab?

R Knight says:

Awesome video. Food looks good. Lol how about a full video of someone trying to eat crab. Bet it gets over 50k views.

James W says:

Excellent video, will visit Soho Town on my next visit.

Vikas Kapoor says:

Great video and location wow👏👏👏

The Toronto Skyscraper Blog says:

Excellent video! I will check this out when I come. Not too much longer now!!

JLH88 says:

Love the video you have gaven me hrs of entertainment.. Thank you PR

Charles Tan says:

Pattaya Random requested for translation for the commotion so here is my comment. Between 1:382:23 in the video, the conversation (In Thai Language, all 3 of them involved weren't Thai definitely) was the individual that was on the ground was in a drunken state. So, his so-called "friend" (in orange shirt) asked him to go and sleep but he refused. Apparently, because the drunken man refused, both of his "friends" (both orange and green shirt) were furious so that's why you can see the man in orange kicking him from 1:401:43. So, the drunken man so-called "friends" kicked him just because he refuse to sleep. That's why in this world now, you really got to choose your so-called "friends" wisely. Only a few loyal ones that will stand by you is more than enough. Why would your "friends" kick you just because you are drunk and refuse to sleep. Shaking my head at what this cruel world is becoming to. Pftt.

Ahmed Zakaria says:

Very nice video….btw is soi Arab in soi 16????

tintong 001 says:

great video about Pattaya! similar to the well-known channels on "Bangkok 112" and "Сheap Charlie" but have their own style. please continue and good luck to you !!!

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