Soi 6 “Blow Here” Pattaya (JL) Thailand

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Per Ingemarsson says:

I get sea sick watching this video Sukalamea. How about trying to hold your cam a bit steady now and then…

SLVRFOX88 says:

good times

Rolando juchuna says:

cuantas mujeres para ir coger una semana entera para ir de vacaciones

felixnauta says:

What a big count of brothels!

Plan D says:

how many languages do you speak?  In the Philippines you knew a little tagalog and you seem to speak some thai.  Have you lived in Southeast Asia?  Oh and so many ladies.

JackoBanon1 says:

Miss that street so much.

Plara Namarat says:


El Profesor says:

eh mate, the bloke there in the yello' trunks at 02:44 looks like he may 'ave left the session there rather abruptly , I dare say.

iooi says:

4:27 You should have let her touch your crotch instead.

Ryan Daniels says:

Nobody should ever be asking whether they can get or find some after that guy 2:07. He came riding through like he didn't a fuck.

Eli Whitney says:

oh the memories….

El Profesor says:

the babe on the  bike @ 2:07 better take the top EVERYTIME !…..WOW

Reble Wtg says:

As alway bro…..Awsome :) Ty 4 taking the time in doing this video

ckj1103 says:

What are those bongs loaded with? It can't just be plain old tobacco right? What are the laws there?

kzphil69 says:

wow, awesome. Please more lady boys.

QuantumPimpin says:

1:50 Blue jeans white top. I want to butt fuck her then cum in her face. Nice!

steven ted says:

next time you in ac can you film the ladyboys there?

Philo M says:

Awesome video Jack thanks brother.

Xavier Ancarno says:

Please Moaar !!!

nobil1968 says:

lady boys please…….mmmmmmm

easymoneynch says:

Lots of girls working that day. And at 3:48 I thought that she was going to give you a nut massage.  LOL

Harry Hall says:

always like your walks

eli garza says:


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