Soi 6 Thailand Trap! — A Visit to Harald Baldr’s Laundry Shop in Pattaya Beach

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I was recommend to a laundry shop by fellow You Tuber Harald Baldr. As I was walking down the street, on a back alleyway behind Soi 6, I almost fell into a trap but my camera saved the day. I ran the gauntlet and made it to the laundry shop. Afterwards I toured some of the nearby neighborhood and Pattaya Beach Road.

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Terry Cavender says:

What really amuses me about this video, is the difference between how they act with Harald, and you Charlie. Not one offer for boom, boom, boy, it looks like you need to be stepping up your game! LOL!

MilesDei says:

Never mind….

MilesDei says:

Charlie, was that a girl or a ladyboy in the red dress???

Steff's Thailand Travel says:

Nice Video, CCC. But be aware of Baldr. He is an A-hole. thriving on controversial videos for the views and the money. Not to mention he buys his views (and lost them later due to YT policies). He is a business man, only bought his subs and views. He doesn't even like Thailand. He left Thailand and is not welcome there anymore. Don't go his way. There is no problem with showing the nightlife. But he doesn't respect Thai women, neither culture.

gruu says:

Your vids are so easygoing and nice to watch, keep it up mate!

Disco Stu says:

Lady boy ally!
I stayed in ruby club and took my laundry there, there was a really agressive ladboy stalking the street, funny stuff lol
Plus the lady you were speaking too was very hands on with me.

MilesDei says:

I want to go to Pattaya during the off season, what months are off season there??

cloudtoground says:

1:10 Is that a girl or a guy? Have you been living in Thailand for 15 years straight? Or have you been going back and forth from the US and just been living there recently?

CF Moto Z8 says:

Soy 6 way to go dude! Why so many hot ladyboys in that st. I'd be going to the laundry more often! Lol

A RaysFan says:

I like your Walking Street and living cheap videos, I think that's your niche. This one is
a bit off but keep up the good work… Living the dream in Pattaya!

Hubub Armour says:

Thanks for clearing up the city mate. I asked Harld what city that laundry shop was in, BKK of Pattaya, or ? But he never answered.

Amazing Chiang Mai says:

great videos.. i enjoy watching them…

Johnny Uber2 says:

What about the water at the beaches in Pattaya? I heard pollution was a problem there.

M Hawk says:

Pattaya beach is going down hill, shitty beach, so poluted, skin feel like u have oil on after get up from the water.

nakzo1987 says:

charlie your vids are so relaxing to watch. Love your channel. cheers

James W says:

I noticed Pattaya was starting to die down a lot back at the end of June, I really feel for them Thai workers, its hard enough to make a living, can't imagine when theres no tourists and the millitary police are cracking down on the bars too.

Reid424 says:

I must of just left july 28th looks dead right now surprised it was pretty decent in july.

Dan Kealey says:

can u post a link to Baldrs vlog?

Oleg Unknown says:

Charlie, looks like that girl in red was ready to serve you a nice size sausage in addition to your everyday rice and veggies menu

jaymeez says:

For full transparency maybe want to change the title to Soi 6/1 instead of Soi 6. BTW I saw Haralds vid back when he posted it and was laughing my ass off at what that lady was telling him…

I says:

15 20 bhat ? is it local price ?

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