Songkran Festival 2018!! Phuket, Thailand!!

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Cody and I celebrated the Thai new year in Phuket, Thailand! The Songkran festival is held every year alllll over Thailand. Everyone joins together is a HUGE friendly water fight with lots of food and dancing! If you have never been to Songkran but thought about going, I’m here to tell you it’s one that should be put on your bucket list!! Start planning now, hope to see you all next year!!!

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Seungwoo Kang says:

Songkran Water Festival – Siam Square is here:

Nantawat Tadue says:

Thank you for amazing video.
I'm a Thai who does not like this festival.But when I watched your video I want to enjoy again.😍😍 welcome to the land of smile 😀

A&T Vlog says:

Looks really fun and amazing! God video keep it upp!

Peter Lyon says:

Hey chubby! x

Grain Bots says:

Did you get out of your 12 month lease in chiang mai?

Quinton TV says:

Think I saw u guys on Bangla.

avuijk30 says:

Wish i was there

KT Tananyada says:

Enjoy guys from Bangkok :))

Real Steel says:

Look so much fun

TheChaosFaction says:

You are so lucky. Just wake up and shoot people with water all day and they shoot back. America would be way more fun if we had holidays likes this.

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