Spicy Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Krapow Gai) – How to Make Spicy Basil Garlic Chicken

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Learn how to make a Spicy Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Krapow Gai) recipe! Visit http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2017/04/spicy-thai-basil-chicken-my-pad-krapow.html for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Spicy Basil Garlic Chicken!


Brenda Singer says:

Times are tough AF. I ain't got chicken broth, oyster sauce, fish sauce, basil, a wok, damn. I got a egg tho.

ytismylife says:

Chef John is by far the best chef on the internet.

Michael Plummer says:

Why do I watch Food Wishes religiously? "Holy Basil Batman"

markiangooley says:

I think the local Asian grocery (mom-and-pop, Mom is Thai) has holy basil. Seeds are easy to find on line but then you have to grow the plants to get any…

Balthezar420 says:

No cayenne!?!

Michael Poulin says:

OMG YES! I am so going to do this one!

Candice Christensen says:

I love your videos ❤️

po3tik1 says:

I'm so happy to see that even after a few years you're still happily cooking and making awesome videos Chef John :) You're the man!

Thahany Najim says:

After so many substitutions I expected you to use something else in place of chicken

Da TRUMOFO says:

Earth is FLAT. Look up Eric Dubay. Wake up!

the one from K says:

when you dont have any cigar rolling experience :(

Match Maker Chris says:

I just bought some spicy thai basil at the store today as I came across it by accident really. And tonight this recipe is suggested to me on Youtube. Talk about perfect timing, this was one of the best tasting dishes I've eaten in a while!

Kris723 says:

When your excited that you binged Food Wars last night and hears Holy Basil today and knows what it means lol

William Porter says:

Chef John seems quite proficient in rolling herb. Must've practiced a lot in college.

Gabriela Sarceno says:

You're golden man 😂❤️

DonCapiche says:

"Let me tell you the story of why the spatula has a hole in it,…….FU nevr mnd!!!" No,fuck you!

Nuan Anakevieng says:

Nope!! No shallots!!!

And we don't chop the basil because it will give funny smell. Just throw a bunch in at the end, people can smell it from across the town.

And you've got to be brave with the chili. This is quite a spicy dish. We use bird-eye chili peppers, roughly chopped. It's tiny but painfully hot. Signature!!

Everything else here is pretty much accurate, except we stir fry the garlic and the chili first, then chicken, then the sauce mixture, then the basil at the end. The way you do here, the garlic and the chili won't give as much fragrant and the chicken will be a little dry.

And you're right, we normally have this dish with fried egg on top. It's the most popular lunch menu, like your cheese burger.

Mahmood Marjan says:

Why do the spatula's have holes in them?

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