Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket Thailand October 2011

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An Afternoon of friends in Phuket Thailand enjoying the new Splash Jungle waterpark in Phuket Thailand


Mollie Briney says:

I'm in Thailand and I'm on holiday and we were gonna go tomorrow but people are saying its rubbish and it's not even advertised on maps or in the hotel and it's expensive so I'm not going :-(

lifetimequeens says:

i went there in feburary this year theres not much to do but some great watersides

floaterbuoy1 says:

A waterpark with lovely Thai girls…doesn't get any better!

BlakBackJK says:

Went there today!

Goat DoesGames says:

Thx that's where I'm going

TsakirisAlexandros says:

2:48 3:23 a grandpa that bought a pretty young slut!

Vongsathon Hemmeland says:

Women in vdo Look like GAree in phuket

njsharkee70 says:

Yes, it is right next to the airport…

Nathan Calabro says:

is this the one near the airport???

thai john says:

Ai sat falang with thai gally 555555555+

Trolol Tv says:

Awesom fat guy 0:33

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