Street Food Phuket in Thailand

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Street Food Phuket in Thailand

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gutzguzz says:

street food is just street food. of course, it's dirty, but it can help you know about culture in some way. btw if you need it clean, you can go to shopping mall. there are a lot of (street) food, that's maybe more expensive but safer. (actually I don't know why but dirty one is more delicious lol)

Patricia santiago says:

yumy :) germs =shi….

LaughingMan says:

sick beat boxing in the background

stream fresh says:

street food everywhere is dirty. vendors handle money then handle food. money is very dirty dont know what dirty hands have handled them. but it look so yummy. still i will not eat those food.

Princessbubble Gum says:

bambam ❤❤💜

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