Street Life of Pattaya — July 11 2017

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Every day scenes around the amazing city of Pattaya that I filmed while walking around town. Included in this video is Beach Road, Soi 7/8, Walking Street and Second Road.

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Mitgardxxl says:

disgusting. You shall be ashamed

andy thorn says:

rather than record a load of shit around pattaya ?
why dont you fuck some women instead

Artemus80 J. says:

Creepy Charlie Chronicles.

Mats Olofsson says:

What happend to the Soi &?

Maynardj says:

I really like that you film a lot in this video

Maynardj says:

the dog and cat in the beginning was so freaking adorable good job nice filming. oh, the Thai women are pretty beautiful too :-)

colin smith says:

Wins the gold award for annoying twat of the year!

Daniel Prokopek says:

I'm watching your clips about Pattaya and i love them. I have question what is the best time to visit disco in Pattaya. I was in DiscoTK around 11.00pm and it was empty. Thank you.

Kamyab Samadi says:

your way of trying to pick up girls is truely basic, I suggest you learn something more impressive

nutt1674 says:

2:34…girl on the left reminds me of Lisa Ling

talladale says:

Hey, mate! This could have been a good video if you'd kept the camera a bit steadier. Shaking all over the place!

Josef Fondue says:

I really liked those two girls playing pool. WOW!

577666 says:

Do you have a wank before you go out or when you get back?

Paul says:

Pattaya has ruined their beach again, it's like it was back in the late 80's early 90's. It's filled with boats, and doesn't appear clean.

ANA says:

nice ass's at 2"30

Cj LeBlanc says:

Those girls that are shooting pool you're pretty cute like to get those panties

Alexnader says:

Whats the Club track id 4:58

ehbrahdakine says:

enjoying your vlogs. the 2 superstars shooting pool @ 2:34 what is the name of the bar? thanks…

Kraven Cunth says:

Sometimes when you laugh you remind me of Beavis and Butthead. Great vid.

G G says:

Add try not to sneeze on the watermelons, Stay Safe, GG.

G G says:

Nice Video Charlie, Sometimes putting a camera in someones face is not such a good idea 5:29 the guy with the green laser light. Try to wear a hidden camera if that is possible, if you speak a little bit of thai it can help a lot, Kor Tod Krap which means Excuse Me or Sorry. And Mai Pen Rai Krap, It means it's ok no problem don't worry about it. Stay safe, and make sure your visa doesn't expire.

Chronosan says:

Aiche at 6:23 made me laugh! Think you scared that girl in black dress charlie :D


You make great VLOGS. I am glad you are living your life the way you want to. Enjoy everyday to the fullest.

CF Moto Z8 says:

Good work bro, lots of ladyboys too, miam miam!

Rodney Thompson says:

some good shots but your video sucks

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