Street Scenes of Phuket, Thailand… Island OFF of Thailand. (Patong Beach)

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Thailand’s version of Hawaii.

Phuket is an island off the south-west coast of Thailand. Street scenes of the life on the main island.

Did you see that bus? the one with the guy waving us by?!


John B says:

Any good Exercise Gyms there ?

Stronglion says:

its because the bitches issent it?

Vikermajit says:

Thanks for the lovely video, Timosha.

Orv Alter says:

I won ny lotto weeeeee

MsCalt says:


pryncessable says:

@timosha21 Is this were the tsunami wash away the entire area with the
tourist clinging to the hotel? Nightlife seems full of live, business
booming, life goes on. Did they rebuild this entire area from scratch? Lov
this vid, it’s like being there, thanks for the trip Tim,soo much to

xxguyx says:

at night only ;)

arelius1971 says:

Where are the hookers ???

Stronglion says:


Hayden Jessup says:

Hot chicks but sadly big dicks

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