Strip Club Fried Rice in LA: Chef’s Night Out with Night + Market

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LA native Kris Yenbamroong’s defining moment came at age 13, when his parents sent him to Thailand’s Red Light District to marinate in his surging hormones. Following a stint editing porn for VICE contributor Richard Kern, Yenbamroong returned to the family business—restaurants—opening Night + Market Song, where he plates Thai delicacies like Strip Club Fried Rice for Silverlake’s “older, derelict, drunk uncle demographic.” Now a betrothed 30-something, Yenbamroong takes a page from his teen playbook for Chef’s Night Out with pals, getting blitzed on mezcal at Bar Amá, slurping nature’s aphrodisiac at L&E Oyster Bar, and dive-bombing Cheetahs’ stage with bills as his Future Mrs. catnaps in the car.

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Santiago Mendez says:

This was chill as fuck.

Albert Kaleo says:

this guy is great at least him and his girl have an understanding with strip clubs try this with your girl and she will probably tell you choose me or the strip club.

Benjamin Chang says:

Why do people keep saying that he is a douche bag? I see a pretty down to earth guy who is enjoying life. Can anyone give me a real reason they think he is a douche bag? Just sounds like haters man, to me.. he seems like a open genuine guy. He isn't overly trying to be cool or trying to be super interesting. He is just being himself and he seems like a chill guy.

KCKclub97 says:

This guy is dope. I need more friends like him

Viliami Pasi says:

good Cunt

Michelle Mae Simplicio says:

This is probably one of the most unique Munchies episode I've seen.

Ricky Cunningham says:

Wow Noah from the food feeder was there huh? LOL

karim badawy says:

this is like mtv meets food network – you hate the people but you can'y stop watching

187tynes says:

Man home boys fiance did hang in there like a trooper!! he was totally right that would have done anybody in… this was one of the best chef night out! Kickin it at the strip club… At the end of a night..!? Lol.. And got to shoot video in there! You know they love you when u can get all the strippers to put thier bras ON for you! Lol

Ricky Tapia says:

You're not a douche don't listen to these guys

Book Worm says:

God his fiancee is so lucky

John Doe says:

He owns 47 Lamborghinis

Brandon Wallace says:

my favorite chefs night out episode.

Kazimir Reiter says:

Brah Queso just means fuckin CHEESE BRO

Gilazeeks says:


SoapInABox says:

Too bad they killed him off in The Walking Dead : – (


Poor Sara- been there, done that!


I didnt know Oysters had different names?!

Robert NoneYaBusiness says:

haters haters haters

Eddy Zaragoza says:

Yall trippin. love this dudes attitude and energy. and to the talkin about how he treats his fiancé, that's what a friendship looks like. Try it.

Stefano Blanca says:

Absolutely no need to treat his chick like that.

Louie Lorenzana says:

What an awesome guy. Full of character.This guy is so true to himself.

Josh Black says:

yep. complete douchebag of a "chef".

Arturo Costilla says:

Why is everyone bashing the dude ?? I mean wouldn't you be pissed if you had a restaurant and vice was gonna come and do video of you and your business you worked hard for , then just have your girlfriend get obliterated drunk like what the fuck i don't blame the dude for going to strip club after ….

jonathan quioco says:

PS you buffet sucked. Looks like a 5 dollar Chinese buffet!

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