Stunning Phuket Airport Planespotting- Takeoffs and Terminal spotting

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Here is some planespotting action from Phuket International Airport (HKT) on the superb tropical island of Phuket in Thailand. Unfortunately the winds this time of the year (i went there in May) are westerlies sue to the monsoon, meaning aircraft were taking off over the famous Mai Khao beach rather than landing. Anyway, It was still a spot with a fanattsic view of some powerful overhead departures. I also filmed some terminal action, such as the EK 777, QR 787 and Aeroflot A333! I hope to revisit Phuket within the coming few years, and hopefully I can see some famous Saint Marteen like overhead beach arrivals then! Filmed: May 2018.


Planes123 says:

Nice captures and video. Huge thanks for sharing!

AvLand says:

Excellent spotting mate! Some nice spots to film for sure at this airport! Excellent work, keep it up!!

Max Buller Aviation says:

Stunning video mate!!! Some really great aircraft and airlines!! Love QR and Aeroflot especially!! Huge like!!

atlubeck says:

Really cool spotting episode! Lots of nice footage from this airport! Liked!

CSpotting says:

Some very nice perspectives mate, seems like the traffic at Phuket is great too! Thumbs up! :)

TK's Plane Spotting says:

Nice video mate from Phuket, pretty decent lineup by the looks the Qatar B787 at the end was nice to see as well as the many narrow bodies, liked!

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